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Course Description

ENG-145 - Intro to LGBTQ American Lit/Exp (3 credits)
Prerequisite(s): None
LGBTQ writers and artists have profoundly altered the literary landscape, and the texts for this class will show the deep mark left by queer writers. This course will provide an introduction to the ways in which these writers represent identity and fit themselves into the North American literary tradition. The texts we will read for the course all deal with the idea of America, and what the nation means to queer people in the United States. From marginalized minority to heroic individuals, the protagonists of these artistic works seek to find a home in the complex world of the 20th century. However, sexuality does not exist in a vacuum; we will also look at the ways in which race, class, gender and political identity intersect with sexual orientation. By looking at complex works by authors such as Tony Kushner and Alice Walker, I hope that we can at least come to the deep questions raised by LGBTQ authors and a more complex understanding of literature in the United States. While we will see the impact of these works on the fabric of the United States, we will also look at the ways in which social structure and cultural norms influence LGBTQ writing.

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