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Course Description

MAS-101 - Massage Therapy Principles/Procedures 1 (4 credits)
Prerequisite(s): PREREQUISITES: Acceptance into MAS program COREQUISITES: ALH109 and BIO161
This course provides the history of massage from ancient to modern times. Group discussions will introduce students to the concepts of personal health and wellness, scope of practice and legal and ethical issues in the field of massage therapy. Discussions will also include benefits and precautions for massage and the role of the massage therapist in pain management. Client screening, assessment and informed consent will precede the application of hands-on techniques. The laboratory portion of this course includes the safe, sanitary and efficient use of massage equipment and supplies, the application of gliding, kneading and percussive strokes, demonstrations of proper body mechanics and lifestyle habits that increase career longevity. Writing clear, concise and accurate treatment notes will conclude each lab session. This course requires a per credit health career fee; check the tuition and fee schedule for the current rate.

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