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ACC-100 Introduction to Accounting
ACC-104 Financial Accounting
ACC-120 Computer Applications in Acctg
ACC-202 Intermediate Accounting 2
ACC-203 Managerial Accounting
ACC-204 Cost Accounting
ACC-210 Payroll and Tax Accounting
ACC-211 Principles of Tax 1
ACC-225 Auditing/Exp

Allied Health
ALH-109 Infection Control
ALH-140 Medical Terminology

ANT-101 Intro to Anthropology
ANT-102 Intro Cultural Anthropology
ANT-110 Forensic Anthropology

Art History & Studio Art
ART-103 Art History - Ancient
ART-106 Art Appreciation
ART-144 Digital Photography
ART-150 Intro to Digital Graphic Design

BIO-100 Life Science
BIO-103 Introduction to Human Biology
BIO-117 Introduction to Nutrition
BIO-140 Food Microbiology

BUS-101 Introduction to Business
BUS-103 Principles of Management
BUS-104 Principles of Marketing
BUS-108 Principles of Finance
BUS-110 Personal Finance
BUS-117 Public Relations
BUS-130 Business Communications
BUS-140 Introduction to E-Commerce
BUS-200 Principles of Supervision
BUS-201 Human Resource Management
BUS-210 Principles of Retailing
BUS-212 Principles of Selling
BUS-240 Small Business Management 1
BUS-245 International Business
BUS-251 Business Law 1

CHM-110 Introductory Chemistry

Computer Information Technolog
CIT-100 Computer Fundamentals & Applications
CIT-102 Computer Keyboarding
CIT-109 Fund of Prog Using 3-D Animation
CIT-111 Introduction to Programming: Java
CIT-115 Intro to Information Technology
CIT-120 Networking
CIT-125 Web Development
CIT-130 Object-Oriented Programming 1: Java
CIT-140 Office Productivity Applications
CIT-141 Word Processing
CIT-142 Desktop Publishing Concepts
CIT-145 Programming in C
CIT-150 PC Components and Operating Systems
CIT-155 Excel Spreadsheets
CIT-161 Visual Basic: Windows Programming
CIT-180 Computer Forensics 1
CIT-181 Principles of Information Security
CIT-205 Help Desk and User Support
CIT-206 Admin Technology & Procedures
CIT-215 Systems Analysis and Design
CIT-220 Linux Operating System
CIT-230 Database Systems
CIT-245 Data Structures and Programming: C++
CIT-250 Internetworking of Computers
CIT-251 Windows Server Operating System
CIT-280 Computer Forensics 2
CIT-281 Project in Computer Forensics
CIT-600 Introduction to Windows
CIT-601 Introduction to Internet Research
CIT-602 Presentation Graphics: Powerpoint
CIT-604 Electronic Spreadsheets: Excel
CIT-606 Database Management: Access
CIT-607 Office Management:Outlook

Criminal Justice & Criminology
CJC-101 Intro Criminal Justice/Criminology
CJC-124 Juvenile Justice & Juvenile Delinquency
CJC-151 Criminal Justice System Law
CJC-152 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJC-201 Fund of Criminal Investigation
CJC-203 Evidence and Procedures
CJC-204 Criminal Justice Sys Org and Admin
CJC-205 Introduction to Criminalistics
CJC-206 Police Operations
CJC-207 Criminal Offenders and Their Environment
CJC-209 Community-Based Corrections

Dietetic & Food Management
DIT-102 Dietetic/Food Service Orient
DIT-103 Nutrition Assessment
DIT-104 Foods
DIT-106 Fundamentals of Nutrition
DIT-210 Human Resource Mgmt for Dietetics

Early Education -Child Develop
ECD-113 Middle Childhood/Adolescent Dev
ECD-202 Children With Special Needs

ECO-102 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO-103 Principles of Microeconomics

EDU-125 Foundations Middle Level/Secondary Educ
EDU-202 Educational and Assistive Technology
EDU-205 English Language Learners in Classroom

English Writing & Literature
ENG-101 English Composition 1
ENG-102 English Composition 2
ENG-103 Technical Communications
ENG-105 Creative Writing
ENG-115 General Literature
ENG-117 Children's Literature
ENG-118 Women As Writers
ENG-202 Fiction
ENG-205 American Lit to the Civil War

Ethnic & Diversity Studies
ETH-101 Ethnic and Diversity Studies
ETH-121 Curr Issues Ethnic/Diversity Studies

Fire Science Administration
FSA-106 Elements of Bldg Construction
FSA-211 Fire Administration

Foodservice Lodging Recreat
FLR-106 Introduction to Casino Gaming
FLR-108 Food Safety and Sanitation
FLR-203 Hospitality Sales and Marketing

GEO-101 World Geography

GGY-201 Introduction to Geology
GGY-202 Historical Geology
GGY-203 Physical Geology

Health Physical Education
HPE-171 Personal & Comm Health & Wellness
HPE-172 Foundations of Health & Physical Educ
HPE-201 Applied Anatomy/Kinesiology
HPE-205 Org & Mgmt of Adlt Fitness Prgms

HIS-101 Hist of Western Civilization 1
HIS-102 Hist of Western Civilization 2
HIS-104 United States History 1
HIS-105 United States History 2
HIS-203 African-American History 1
HIS-213 Twentieth Century World History
HIS-219 History of Women

Homeland Security
HLS-101 Orient Hmlnd Sec/Emer Prep, Pln, Resp
HLS-102 Perspectives on Terrorism
HLS-103 Intro Phys Security/Deterrents Terrorism
HLS-207 Homeland Security and Emergency Mgmt

JRN-103 Introduction to Mass Media

Land Administration
LND-101 Introduction to Land Administration
LND-102 Real Property for Oil and Gas Industry

MAT-090 Algebra Fundamentals
MAT-102 Mathematical Concepts
MAT-108 Intermediate Algebra
MAT-110 Mathematics for Elementary Education 2
MAT-111 College Algebra
MAT-120 Analytical Methods
MAT-135 Discrete Mathematics
MAT-142 Pre-Calculus
MAT-147 College Trigonometry
MAT-161 Elementary Statistics
MAT-165 Probability & Statistics
MAT-195 Business Mathematics
MAT-201 Calculus 1
MAT-220 Business Calculus

Microcomputer Electronics Tech
MIT-110 Engineering Circuits 1

Music Theory & Practice
MUS-101 Introduction to Music

Paralegal Program
PAL-102 Paralegal Orientation
PAL-105 Family Law
PAL-111 Litigation 1
PAL-122 Estates and Trusts 2

PHL-101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL-103 Logic
PHL-111 Religions of the World
PHL-155 Ethics
PHL-160 Ethics in Business

Physical Science
PHS-101 Earth Science
PHS-107 Introductory Astronomy
PHS-108 Introduction to Weather

PHY-100 Basic Physics
PHY-128 Physics Health Sci/Radiography
PHY-141 Physics 1

Political Science
POL-101 Intro to Political Science
POL-103 American Government
POL-110 State and Local Government
POL-115 The American Constitution
POL-206 International Relations

PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY-108 Human Growth & Development
PSY-109 Psychology of Women
PSY-113 Psychology of Death and Dying
PSY-114 Human Sexuality
PSY-201 Educational Psychology
PSY-202 Social Psychology
PSY-203 Psychology of Adjustment
PSY-204 Adolescent Psychology
PSY-208 Abnormal Psychology
PSY-210 Child Psychology
PSY-290 Research Methods and Applications

Respiratory Therapy Technology
RES-202 Medical Aspects of Respiratoy Therapy

Science & Engineering Technolo
SET-105 Technical Computing

Social Work
SOW-101 Intro to Social Work
SOW-106 Interviewing Skills
SOW-120 Child Welfare
SOW-130 Community Resources

SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC-160 Intro to Women's Studies
SOC-201 Sociology of the Family
SOC-210 The Sociology of Sexual Behavior
SOC-211 Racial and Ethnic Minorities
SOC-212 Social Problems
SOC-213 Sociology of Health and Illness

THE-154 Introduction to Cinema

Tourism Management
TRV-101 Introduction to Travel & Tourism