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CCAC educates more than 32,000 credit and 28,000 non-credit students annually, but students can expect an average class size of just 19 students. With the extensive network of four campuses and four centers located strategically throughout the region, in addition to a growing array of online courses and programs, CCAC is readily accessible to residents of Allegheny County and beyond.

The life of a CCAC student includes a full college experience, including classroom and online learning, sports teams and student clubs, as well as academic advising and tutoring services necessary to help students succeed. CCAC job fairs draw hundreds of local employers and the CCAC Honors Program offers opportunities to expand learning.

CCAC’s affordable programs enable students to save thousands of dollars—up to $45,000 for students who spend their first two years at CCAC before transferring to a bachelor’s program. It’s also ideal for students interested in earning an associate’s degree, certificate or diploma as preparation to enter the workforce.

Every year thousands of students make CCAC their college of first choice. Here’s why:

Innovation and Excellence in Teaching
CCAC’s average class size is just 19 students, giving students the opportunity to have more personalized instruction. In addition, classes are taught by faculty members, not graduate students, so students learn from leaders in their fields.

Access to Financial Aid
More than 70 percent of CCAC students receive financial aid, making it easier for them to attend college full-time. Last year alone, more than $63 million in scholarships, grant funds, loans and work-study positions were awarded to CCAC students.

Transfer Opportunities
CCAC students have transferred credits to more than 500 colleges and universities. Additionally, CCAC has articulation agreements facilitating easy credit transfers in 87 programs with 30 colleges and universities.

Summer Classes
Students enrolled at other colleges and universities find it convenient and afforadble to take summer classes at CCAC while they are home on break. Summer sessions offer many options to meet busy schedules.

Savings—College Made Affordable
CCAC students save $23,000 over the cost of public four-year colleges and universities and $45,000 over the cost of private four-year colleges and universities—all by spending their first two years at CCAC. 

Expanded Learning Options
No matter how busy a student’s schedule is, CCAC provides flexible learning options. From the convenience of nine campus and center locations to thousands of online learning classes and online learning options—CCAC gives students access to 24/7 education. Six degrees and six certificates can be completed online, while more than 50% of required courses can be completed online for 29 degree programs and 15 online certificates.

Education for the Careers of Tomorrow in Two Years or Less
CCAC offers associate degree programs, certificates and diplomas in more than 152 programs. Programs of study include everything from allied health and nursing to information technology and social science. CCAC’s Workforce Development programs train students in six months or less and the CCAC Green Institute prepares participants for state-of-the-art green jobs.

Extensive Student Services
CCAC features a full range of career planning, counseling and support services to help students achieve their educational and career goals. In addition to job and career fairs throughout the year, all campuses feature fully accredited childcare centers available for student use during the school year.

Rewarding Student Life Experiences
CCAC hosts more than 100 clubs and organizations, five honor societies, intercollegiate and intramural sports, cultural events and student government leadership positions, providing CCAC students the opportunity to pursue interests outside the classroom.                                     




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