Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Articulation Agreements

For more information about transferring from CCAC, we encourage you to visit transfer counseling on the web or in person.

CCAC has articulation agreements with many colleges and universities in western Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. Most of these agreements guarantee academically qualified CCAC students admission as juniors, after completion of their Associate's Degrees.

In order to transfer using with an articulation agreement, students must enroll in a CCAC University Parallel Program and sign a letter of intent. This letter indicates the major area of study they intend to pursue at their transfer school. The agreement then guarantees admission to the four-year institution, full junior status upon completion of your associate's degree, and acceptance of transfer credits.

View our current list of articulation agreements.

Collaborative & Joint Agreements

Students may complete the coursework required for the first two years of many different majors by enrolling in one of CCAC's University Parallel Programs. These programs are designed to guarantee CCAC students junior status at a four-year college or university using articulation agreements.

In addition to the transfer of academic credits, each CCAC student enrolled in a parallel program is entitled to participate in various student activities and to use library facilities at the chosen four-year school.

View our current list of collaborative and joint agreements.