Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Contracts & Grants

The Contracts and Grants office, a part of Institutional Advancement, is here to encourage, promote and assist faculty, staff and administrators in the procurement of external funding via federal, state and local government grants. 

This office is the official college representative and contact in the grant procurement process. The majority of the assistance provided is in the areas of identifying funding opportunities, grant development, contract and grant compliance and grant related professional development. 

Explore these links, which contain information designed to foster appreciation of the educational funding opportunities provided through contracts and grants:

Preparing and Submitting a Grant Application at CCAC: Approval is needed before a grant is submitted on behalf of CCAC. This section provides the steps to approval.

Grant Life Cycle: All government grants generally move through a project life cycle. This section contains information about every stage.

Links to Government Grant Programs: Looking for available opportunities to fund program ideas? Try these links for announcements of requests for proposals (RFPs): 

Grant Funded Directory: A snapshot look at CCAC's grants currently funded through local, state or federal sources.  This report is updated frequently and provides links for more information.

Please contact the Contracts and Grants office for more information.