Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Civic Engagement & Volunteerism

CCAC strives to engage the community in all of its endeavors and to strengthen campus and community connections. As an institution, CCAC recognizes the importance of:

  • establishing affiliations with cultural organizations and institutions;
  • promoting arts and culture as an essential component of a healthy community; and
  • promoting student and employee civic engagement and volunteerism.

 CCAC understands and appreciates the value in:

  • encouraging CCAC employees to serve on community boards and committees that support collaborative educational development;
  • maintaining connections with community service organizations in the community to facilitate volunteer opportunities; and
  • providing learners with enhanced civic awareness and skills to participate in a democracy.

CCAC’s impact extends throughout the community. In addition to participating in widespread philanthropic efforts such as the United Way campaign, the college also sponsors a number of unique programs aimed at helping specific segments of the community.

  • With its special needs program for adults and youth, CCAC offers educational, vocational and recreational sessions for individuals not currently involved in day programs. The flexible program offers relief to families and caregivers, and provides an enriching, educational environment for participants.
  • The college’s Nonprofit Professional Development Academy is geared to helping employees in this sector who need to hone their skills in fundraising, grant writing, supervision, strategic planning and direct care.
  • Citizens throughout the region are provided with better security and safety because CCAC’s Public Safety Institute trains more than 10,000 emergency services professionals each year.
  • The elderly also benefit from the college’s partnership with Allegheny County to assist and train professional caregivers of the aging.