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ITS: Coursework on S: Drive

When faculty log in to any computer on the College network, they have access to the network drive “coursework S:\”. Faculty may copy data files, syllabus or other handouts for their students to this drive. Students, working on campus or in computer labs, can then copy these files to their flash drives or print them out for their use. 

Please discourage students from downloading files to the hard drive of a college PC; we cannot guarantee that the files will be maintained due to updates or patches. You should advise students to purchase and use a flash drive. (Please see purchasing guidelines for flash drives or information on using flash drives.)

Faculty: To copy files to the coursework S: Drive simply follow the directions below:

For Windows 7:

  1. Click on the Start button at the lower left of your desktop.
  2. Click on Computer.
  3. In the Network Location section, double-click on "coursework S:\."
  4. Once you are on the network drive you will see a listing of folders for specific instructors or courses. Please create a folder with your last name and course number. Then copy the files you want to make available to your students to this folder. 

Departmental Shared Files: If instructors in a department wish to deploy common files to be shared with multiple instructors and course/sections, the department head may add a folder to the Coursework folder, using the course name as the name of the folder being added.  

Housekeeping: Faculty should make every attempt to perform housekeeping duties to keep only the files you currently need on your Coursework folder. Remove files you no longer need.

You or your students may not be able to view folders or files on the Coursework drive if you are an administrator or staff person and do not have a “faculty log-in script”. If you are a faculty member and would like to request access on the S: Drive for your students, please send your request by email to the CCAC ServiceDesk

If your students encounter problems, please refer them to a technician in the Campus Open Lab.

Having problems?

Call the CCAC ServiceDesk at 412.237.8700.