Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Online Learning: Getting Started


Textbooks for Internet courses and Telecourses are available at the Allegheny Campus Bookstore and can be purchased either in person or online

 *CCAC Bookstores will not accept orders over the phone.

In order to purchase your textbooks, you will need to have your course number and section (e.g. PSY 101 AIN1 or GGY 201 VR88) or a copy of your course schedule.


Blackboard Login (NetID account)

Please refer to the Internet QuickStart Guide for directions and assistance accessing Blackboard.

For additional details: Blackboard Information

Blackboard is CCAC's course management system used for online learning courses

  • To access Blackboard:
  • Use your NetID username and password to login
  • Login early to ensure your account is functioning properly
  • Access the Start Here course for information on starting the semester

For the fall 2014 term:

Online Learning will mail a letter to your home address which will include:

  • Your Student ID number
  • Instructions for creating your NetID account online
  • Instructions for logging into Blackboard and academic email
  • A task list for starting the semester 

Students may contact ServiceDesk by phone, email or voicemail. Please do not leave a voicemail and send an email regarding the same issue. 

Fall 2014 Classes Begin  


Internet courses for the Fall 2014 semester begin on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

Hybrid (formerly Web-enhanced) Hybrid courses for the Fall 2014 semester will begin the week of August 18 and September 2, 2014. Please check your course schedule to verify the start date and meeting days/times for your course.

Accessing your course in Blackboard 

Please take a moment to orient yourself with Blackboard by accessing the Start Here: Getting Started in OL course site. This course site will provide valuable information on starting the semester and familiarizing you with the Blackboard System. 

Please Note: You will not have access to your course sites in Blackboard until the first day of the semester.

CCAC Academic Email Information

A CCAC academic email account has been created for you automatically. All students using Blackboard are required to use their CCAC academic email account for all course related communication. Instructors may ignore course related email from any personal email account.

  • To access your CCAC Academic Email account:
  • Use your NetID username and password to login
  • Login to your academic email account on a frequent and regular basis to ensure that you receive all communications from your instructor in a timely manner
  • Information on using CCAC's academic email is available online at: