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Community College of Allegheny County

For Faculty & Staff: Online Learning Center

Blackboard Support

The Blackboard Learning System (Bb) is CCAC's online course management system (CMS).  The Online Learning Center has compiled numerous resources, tutorials and tips to help faculty take full advantage of all that Blackboard has to offer.

For more information: Blackboard 9 Resources and Support

Prospective Faculty

Current CCAC faculty members interested in exploring Online Learning as a possible platform for their course need a starting point.

For more information: Prospective Faculty


Blackboard Site Request

Faculty interested in using Blackboard for a Online Learning course or having a Blackboard course site to supplement their traditional on-campus class will need to complete a Blackboard Site Request for each course that they have not used on Blackboard.

For more information and to request a Blackboard site: Blackboard Site Requests


Testing for Online Learning

Online Learning courses are outside of the traditional classroom, so is the assessment of students.  There are several options and resources available to faculty wishing to find the best solution to testing in a online learning course.

For more information: Testing for Online Learning


Create Online Content

The Online Learning Center has many resources, including software, tools and tips, available to faculty that will assist them in creating online content and working with PowerPoint.

For more information: Create Online Content

Available Resources

The Online Learning Center has additional resources to assist with course development and instruction, including software, tools and tips for detecting plagiarism and media support.

For more information: Available Resources