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ITS: Network File Shares


Personal Files: the F: Drive


If you are an employee with a Network User ID, you have access to one personal directory called the F: drive on your PC. You can create folders under this directory to organize your files. To access your share of the F: drive, open Windows Explorer; you will see your username attached to the F: drive on the left side of the window. You can also access the F: drive by clicking the Start button and choosing Computer.


Your F: drive is available to you from any computer on the CCAC network. Whenever you use your Network User ID to log on to any PC attached to the College network, you will see your personal F: drive when you access Computer or Windows Explorer. However, it will only be available to you on the network; you will not be able to access it from your home computer.

Some resources will be available to you from outside the network, through our web-supported services. You can access your email through Outlook Web Access; you can access information in Colleague through CCAC Central.


All network drives are backed up on a nightly basis. However, you should not rely on ITS disaster recovery processes to secure your personal documents. It may be very difficult or impossible for ITS Operations to restore only a segment of the network for one individual. It is your responsibility to regularly back up your documents to an external source. Flash drives provide an ideal method for you to make backup copies of files.

Shared Files: the U: Drive 

Requesting Access

The U: Sharable drive is available for CCAC departments to create and maintain folders that are integral to the operation of the College in one way or another and will be shared by various members of the department. All requests for access to any folder on the U: drive must come from either a folder owner or a department supervisor. (This would be the same person in many cases.) You can make the request by calling or emailing the ServiceDesk.

"Access Denied"

Directories and files on the U: Sharable drive are set up with security access for only those individuals who have authorization to read or write to those directories and files. If you are established as part of a group who has read and/or write permissions to those files, you will be able to read and/or write to the files. If you believe you should have the authorization and still get the "Access Denied" error message, call the ServiceDesk to request that the security access be updated for the specific directory.


 Course Files: the S: Drive

Faculty members at CCAC have access to the S: drive, a drive designated for sharing course-related files with their students.

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