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Community College of Allegheny County

ITS: Software Licensing Agreements

Microsoft Campus Agreement

CCAC has entered a Campus Agreement with Microsoft for Microsoft Windows, Office, and Visual Studio. The Campus Agreement is an annual licensing program specifically created to address the unique needs of higher education institutions.

Software includes:

  • Windows 7 Operating System
  • Microsoft Office 2010, including Publisher
  • MS Sharepoint Designer
  • Visual Studio Net Professional 

Requesting Software Installation

ITS has established a Software Licensing Team to improve our compliance with End User Licensing Agreements. The team has created a database of verified software licenses currently in use at CCAC. They also screen all software installation requests to confirm end user licenses. Please be aware of the following procedures we have put in place to protect the college from liability.

If you have a request for software to be installed, please provide as much information to the ServiceDesk as possible. We need more than a 24 hour window to do our research on the licensing information, as well as track down purchase orders. If at all possible, we need to have a 2 week window prior to installation for labs/classrooms and a 1 week window for faculty and administrative PCs.

Keep in mind that software that comes bundled with a book is usually a one-to-one license, meaning that the purchaser of the book can install it on one computer that is accessed only by that person, and usually can NOT be installed on a computer that has multiple users. Also, software purchased as an individual from a local store, such as Best Buy, is also usually a single individual license.

Please note that any additional software purchased must have the appropriate number of licenses. That is, if you plan to have a software package installed in a computer lab with 23 computers in it, you must purchase a license which allows for at least 23 simultaneous installations. For help in determining licensing options and costs, please contact your ITS Field Operations Director.

The procedure for installing software is as follows:

  1. Call or email is sent to the ITS ServiceDesk
  2. Ticket Gets Created and Assigned to the Software Licensing Team
  3. Research/Vendor Contact is Made by the Team
  4. License is Verified
  5. Ticket is assigned to Field Group
  6. Tech is Dispatched to Perform the Installation

For your convenience, click here to download Software Installation Request email form.

No software will be installed unless the licensing allows it and can be verified. This includes software that was previously installed. This process is exempt for all software where system licensing is maintained by ITS (MS Office/ Windows/ Datatel/ R25/ updates to flash, adobe, etc).

Microsoft Work-at-Home Program for Eligible Employees

The College maintains the Microsoft Work-at-Home agreement for Office 2013 for eligible* CCAC employees. Microsoft Office 2013 is available for discounted purchase to College employees who are “exempt” as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act.  

The Office 2013 program will be offered in in phases from May through December 2014. The college has access to a limited supply of work-at-home licenses, so eligible employees should make every effort to request their purchase as soon as they are invited to participate. Eligible employees who previously purchased Office 2007 or 2010 may request to purchase the new version now. 

*Eligible employees: due to Microsoft licensing guidelines, this program is only open to employees who are “exempt” as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Eligibility is being authorized through the CCAC Human Resources Department. Employees who have questions regarding their exempt status should call HR at 412.237.3000.

Employees who are authorized will be contacted via email. You must submit your request and specify at which location you wish to make the purchase. You must come in person to the specified Campus Student Accounts Office to make this purchase. Eligible employees will follow these steps to obtain the software:

  • Take the survey to submit your request and preferences.
  • When you receive email notification that the CD is available, visit the Students Accounts Office you specified in your request.
  • Provide your Colleague/employee ID number.
  • Show your College ID or other photo identification (College staff will be required to verify that you are on the list of eligible employees).
  • Sign the Microsoft Work-at-Home disclaimer

 Student Accounts Contact Information

When you purchase the software, you will receive a CD which allows you to install on one PC or laptop only; a second installation may be available if you need to reconfigure your PC. It is YOUR responsibility to backup your systems in case of system failure.

  • Make sure your system has the minimum requirements to support Office 2013; see Office 2013 minimum system requirements.
  • We will be ordering the Windows 32-bit version of Office 2013, since this will accommodate everyone, and what Microsoft recommends for most users.
  • If you already have an earlier version of Office and/or Outlook installed on your computer, consult Microsoft recommendations for installing the new version and removing the old version.

Please remember that the ITS department does not support hardware and software installation issues with an employee’s home computer.  For those who purchase the Work-at-Home software, the responsibility for installation, back-up and maintaining files rests solely with the employee.