Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services Programs (ED/SB/HS)

Certificates, diplomas and degrees in education, social and behavioral sciences and human services prepare students for immediate employment in child development, day care facilities, juvenile and adult rehabilitation centers and careers in the criminal justice, fire science, homeland security and transportation security areas.

CCAC encourages students to apply for both certificates and diplomas (where possible) as they work toward associate’s degree requirements. Students should investigate baccalaureate programs as they advance in their chosen careers.

Education Programs


Behavioral Sciences

American Sign Language Programs
-American Sign Language Certificate Program
-American Sign Language–Interpreting degree
Child Care 
Child Development  
Children with Special Needs  
Early Childhoood Director Core Certificate   
Early Education & Child Development 
Education Paraprofessional degree 
Education Paraprofessional certificate 
Health & Physical Education 
Teacher Education: Middle & Secondary 


Drug & Alcohol   
Global Studies  
Labor & Management Studies   
Social Sciences  
Women's Studies

Security Services Social Services 

 Criminal Justice & Criminology   
 Fire Science Administration (degree)   
 Fire Science Administration (certificate)   
 Homeland Security
 Transportation Security Administration  


Social Work Foundation  
Social Work:  Fundamentals of Social Work Foundation


The Act 48 Academy is a convenient and affordable option for Pennsylvania certified teachers to complete their continuing professional education requirements. CCAC offers courses designed for teachers in a variety of formats including accelerated, web enhanced (hybrid) and online learning options. Act 48 courses for continuing professional education are offered in many of our convenient locations. 

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