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Nursing Admissions

Fall 2014 Nursing Applicants:

Notification letters for NUR 110/120 and the LPN-RN Transition Program have been sent to applicants via postal mail. Students should contact Amber Reed at if a notification letter has not been received by Monday, April, 28, 2014.

Fall 2014 Appeals Process

Students who believe that a mistake was made during the evaluation of their nursing program application may submit an appeal to the Office of the Dean of Nursing. All appeals must be submitted in writing either by mail or email to both, the Dean of Nursing, Kathy Mayle ( and the Nursing Admissions Coordinator, Amber Reed ( no later than April 30, 2014. Appeals should contain a detailed description of the nature of the appeal. Supplemental documentation may be provided in support the applicant's argument.

Mail correspondence may be remitted to:  Office of the Dean of Nursing

                                                                                800 Allegheny Ave

                                                                                Pittsburgh, PA 15233


Prospective Fall 2014 Applicants

Nursing Program application materials for the Fall 2014 admission period are now available via the links below. Application materials will be accepted from January 15, 2014 - March 1, 2014. Please be aware that the revisions have been made to the materials. Please submit only those application materials that have been provided below. Be sure to read both the admission information packet and the application instructions PRIOR to submitting a nursing application.

Application Instructions

Admission Information Packet

Application and Behavioral Standards Guidelines for Fall 2014

In addition to the admissions process outlined below, applicants to the Nursing Program should be aware of essential cognitive and visual functions and academic requirements.

Admissions Process

Applying to the Nursing Program is a two-step process. Interested individuals must first apply to CCAC via the general application.  Students will then be required to provide official transcripts to the college, take placement tests as required, meet with an academic advisor and then complete appropriate coursework. Once these steps have been accomplished, students may move on to the official Nursing Program Application process.

Obtain an application for the Nursing Program. They are available online as well as at all campus Advisement Offices. Applications are being accepted July 1 through August 15 for the Spring term and January 15 through March 1 for the Fall term.

All application materials are submitted through the Registration Office on the student's home campus.  CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY (CAL U) applicants must submit materials through the Undergraduate Admission Office on the CAL U campus.

The following items are required for application to the Nursing Program:

  1. Copies of High School transcript or GED certificate. International transcripts must be evaluated through either ECE ( or WES (
  2. Copies of college transcripts and CCAC transfer equivalency evaluation (if applicable).
  3. Acceptance letter from CCAC or verification of acceptance.
  4. CAL U APPLICANTS ONLY: Acceptance letter or verification of acceptance from CAL U.
  5. Completed and signed CCAC application and CCAC Behavioral Standards Policy.
  6. Completed and signed Nursing Document Request Form. 
  7. If applicable, scores from college English, mathematics and reading placement tests, SAT/ACT, Biology Waiver Examination and College Board AP exams.
  8. Official transcripts from all institutions attended. Transcripts should reflect the following:
    - Proof of college Biology/lab with a final minimum grade of "C" or:
          - Biology Waiver Exam - 70 or higher
          - AP Biology Exam (College Board) 3 or higher
    - Proof of Chemistry/lab with a final minimum grade of "C".
          - High school chemistry/lab may be used to meet admission criteria only in the
               absence of a college level chemistry.  If a student has completed a chemistry course
            cannot be used to satisfy the admission criteria.
    - Eligibility for English 101 and Intermediate Algebra as determined by:
          - Placement tests
          - SAT/ACT Scores: Math 520/21; Reading 510/21 AND Writing placement tests score
             of 79 or higher.
          - Prior coursework
    - Completion of all required developmental courses as indicated by placement examination
       with a minimum of a "C" grade. Final grades earned AFTER the application deadline will
       NOT be considered.  Students must earn a "C" grade or better by the third attempt. 
       Attempts include withdrawals and incomplete grades.
    -  A final grade of "C" or better in all physical and natural sciences taken prior to admission.
       Final grades earned AFTER the application deadline will NOT be considered. Students must
       earn a "C" grade or better by the third attempt. Attempts include withdrawals and
       incomplete grades.
    - Cumulative point average of 2.8 minimum.
    - If 12 or more college level credits were taken through CCAC, CCAC GPA will be used
    - If less than 12 college level credits were taken through CCAC, but the student has 12
       or more college level credits from another post-secondary institution, a composite GPA
       will be calculated using the cumulative GPA and credits earned at each institution
    -  If less than 12 college level credits were accomplished at any post-secondary institution,
       high school GPA will be used. High school GPA must be at least a 3.0.

  9. LPN-RN transition applicants must submit LPN school transcripts and a copy of a current, valid LPN license from the state of PA, in addition to the above listed documentation.  Additional pre-requisites apply. View the page for more information.

  10. Advance Placement students must submit nursing school transcripts and course descriptions detailing the content, number of clinical hours and number of lab hours earned in each successfully completed course. This is in addition to the above listed documentation. Additional pre-requisites apply.

Any physical and natural science courses completed prior to admission must have been completed with a "C" grade or better. If Anatomy & Physiology 1, Anatomy & Physiology 2 and Microbiology were completed prior to admission to the Nursing Program, these courses must also be completed with a "C" grade or better.

Due to limited enrollment in the Nursing Program, other variables such as academic achievement will be considered for selection of individual candidates.

Applications will be notified 1 1/2 - 2 months after the application deadline. Please understand that the Nursing Program is a limited enrollment program; therefore, admission is not guaranteed. It is important that you submit a completed folder by the application deadline of the term you are apply for in order to be considered for admission.

Allegheny: 412.237.2680       Boyce: 412.325.6725
North: 412.369.4148South: 412.469.4318
CALU Nursing Office: 724.938.1622