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AFT - Article IX: Seniority

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A.       Seniority shall continue to be accrued on a college wide basis and be defined as years of full time service with the College as a regular Employee. Full-time service as a Regular Employee need not be continuous to count towards seniority. Neither temporary full-time service nor part time teaching shall count toward seniority.

B.       In the event two or more Employees have the same seniority date as defined above, a second (tie breaking) date will apply.

1. Temporary full-time employment or part-time employment at the College prior to full-time appointment, such service to be based on number of credit sections taught for teachers or days worked for other employees.  This service need not be continuous.

2. Dates in A and B above are determined at the time of hire as a regular full-time Employee. Except as provided herein, in no instance shall time spent outside the bargaining unit in the employ of the College be counted towards seniority.

C.      Should A and B above not be determinative, ties will be broken by lot conducted by the Federation in the presence of the affected Employees.

D.      Within sixty (60) days after the beginning of the Fall Semester, the College shall provide the Federation with a system-wide seniority list.