Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

AFT - Article XIV: Promotions

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A.   Each year, not later than December 1, the College shall publish promotions criteria and the designed application as set forth in College Policy XIII.

B.   Any Employee who meets the minimum requirements for promotion may submit an application for promotion to the appropriate Dean. 

The Campus’s chief academic officer shall arrange for delivery of the application to the campus Promotions Committee.  The candidate may provide any additional information, explanation, clarification, or elaboration to support her/his candidacy.

C.  A campus Promotions Committee will consist of one annually elected member from each academic division and one member of the non-teaching faculty.  This committee will recommend, to the Campus’s executive officer,  faculty for promotion based on an examination of the applicant's evaluation materials and application for promotion.  The first meeting of the Promotions Committee in each academic year will be convened jointly by the Campus’s executive officer and the campus AFT vice president.

The number of professional employees to be recommended on each campus will be determined by the Promotions Committee.  Normally this number would be nine (9) percent of the number of professional employees assigned to that campus at the time of application and normally no fewer than fourteen (14) employees from Allegheny Campus, eight (8) from South Campus, eight (8) from Boyce Campus and five (5) from North Campus.  Additionally, each year two (2) Educational Technicians may be promoted from Allegheny Campus and one (1) Educational Technician each from Boyce Campus, South Campus, and North Campus.

D.   The Campus’s chief executive officer shall forward the recommendations of the Campus Promotions Committee to the College’s chief executive officer.  Should the College’s chief executive officer not recommend a candidate, he/she will give the specific reasons in writing to the candidate, and to the Campus Promotions Committee.

E.   All candidates shall be informed, in writing, of the promotion decision no later than May 1.

F.   Employees shall be promoted one (1) rank at a time, except for extraordinary accomplishments, wherein, the Promotions Committee shall have the discretion to recommend that an applicant skip a rank for an accelerated promotion.

G.   For a Professional Employee, the minimum years of service in rank required to be eligible for promotion is two (2) years as an Instructor, three (3) years as an Assistant Professor, and four (4) years as an Associate Professor (except as allowed in XIV F).

H.   For an Educational Technician, the minimum years of service in rank required to be eligible for promotion is two (2) years as an Educational Technician I and three (3) years as an Educational Technician II.