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ITS: Email Spam Filtering System

ITS maintains the CCAC Spam Filtering system to decrease the amount of "spam" email that you receive in your Outlook and/or Academic Email mailboxes. Your email will be automatically scanned and probable spam messages will be quarantined (NOT deleted). 

IMPORTANT: Messages will be held in a quarantined state for 14 days and then will be automatically deleted. There is insufficient storage space on the email servers to hold them any longer.

You will be notified about quarantined mail twice a day. The email message will be FROM: CCAC Spam Filter with the SUBJECT: Spam Quarantine Notification.

There may be email messages that are quarantined which are legitimate and not spam mail. Therefore, you will have the option to choose whether or not you want to receive the messages. To retrieve messages that have been quarantined, you can:

  1. In the notification email, click on the "not spam" link or
  2. In your email quarantine, choose multiple messages to either release or delete.

If these messages accumulate in your Inbox or in another folder, they will add to your overall Mailbox size. Please check these regularly and delete as they are reviewed, so that you do not reach the size limit on your mailbox.

See our Talkin' Tech page for instructions:

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