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AFT - Article XVII: Advertising and Transfer

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A.       An Employee, excluding temporary appointments of any duration may request transfer to any open position in the bargaining unit that does not involve a change in professional level and for which he/she is qualified. Grant funded employees are not eligible to transfer, except as provided by Article XIX, Paragraph G.7.

B.       The College will determine that a tenure-track position is to be filled and/or an opening exists in the bargaining unit.  The College will post positions to be filled on each campus in a designated place eleven (11) working days prior to the external posting of positions  to be filled.  The College will also supply copies of such notices to the Federation Vice Presidents eleven (11) working days prior to advertisement.  The hiring department shall adhere to Affirmative Action  Policies and Hiring Guidelines.  The position may not be advertised until a period of eleven (11) working days has elapsed from the date of the in-house posting and AFT notification.

C.      An Employee will be permitted to transfer on the following basis:

1.       The Employee shall submit application materials as required in the posting.

2.       The Employee meets the minimum requirements of the position as stated in the posting.

3.       An Employee meeting the minimum qualifications will be granted the position without an interview or meeting any other search committee requirements.

4.       In the event that two (2) or more qualified Employees apply for the same position, seniority, as defined herein, shall be the determining criterion.

D.      Should the College modify its qualifications or guidelines at any time after the initial advertising, the positions shall not be filled extramurally if an Employee requesting transfer fulfills the modified qualifications and guidelines.

E.       In the event an unanticipated vacancy occurs, and such position must be filled within a thirty (30) day period, the College may fill such position for that semester with part-time employees or overage  assignments.

F.       Except as specified in Article XVI, Employees shall not be required to accept transfer  from one campus to another except by mutual agreement between the College and the Employee.

G.       An Employee who transfers shall receive his/her current salary unless there is a change in calendar in which case his/her current salary will be adjusted in accordance with Article XXVI, A.2.