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AFT - Article XIX: General Provisions

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In the event the College cannot function as scheduled, the College shall consult with the Federation on the manner of rescheduling work and the need to reset times and dates of this Agreement so as to complete the academic calendar or other activities which may have been interrupted.
Following such consultation, the College may either reschedule the work or may furlough Employees as necessary.
The manner of furloughing  shall be accomplished in consultation with the Federation.


Should necessary meetings  or other responsibilities as specified in the Agreement require an Employee's presence on campus, when except for such requirement the Employee would not have to be present, reasonable advance notice of such required presence must be given.


Normally, Employees shall not be required as a condition of employment to work on more than one (1) campus.  Employees may, however, be required to work at more than a single location in the performance  of their employment responsibilities (e.g., nursing, paramedical technologies, etc.).  Such Employees shall be granted travel expenses covering local travel between worksites.  No Employee shall be eligible for reimbursement for travel to and from his home and usual place of work assignment during the normal work week.  When work requires an Employee to go directly from his/her home to a location other than his/her regular office, the Employee is reimbursed for the difference in cost between the method of transportation normally used between his/her home and office and the round trip expense  actually incurred from his/her home to that location.  Should circumstances necessitate that an Employee be at more than one (1) worksite on any single day as a part of the normal workload of that Employee, he/she shall be compensated for travel expenses for round-trip mileage between worksites.  Reasonable travel time and, if appropriate, meal time shall be provided for those Employees who may be required to work at more than one (1) site in any single day.

No Employee shall be required to work at more than one (1) site so long as a person qualified for the work to be performed is willing to accept the assignment.

In the event that the College requires an Employee to work at more than one (1) site, the most junior Employee qualified for the work to be performed shall be assigned.


The College shall notify an Employee no later than March 15 concerning any change  (to or from ten (10) or twelve (12) months) in the yearly employment arrangement.  Any such change of service so required shall become effective in the Fall Semester of the following calendar year.


Employees who serve in an acting administrative capacity in a regular, budgeted job slot shall be limited to a term of no more than one (1) calendar year unless such additional assignment is mutually agreed upon by the College and the Federation.  Under the conditions stipulated in this paragraph, the Employee will continue to earn unit seniority while serving in an acting administrative capacity for that one (1) year only.


Employees shall be reimbursed in accordance with present College policy for expenses when engaged in authorized College business, including but not limited to, field trips.


1.  Persons filling unit-eligible full-time, grant-funded positions shall be considered Employees.

2.  Personnel provisions of grants inconsistent with this Agreement shall however prevail, any provision of this Agreement to the contrary notwithstanding.  The College shall not deliberately attempt to circumvent the intent of this Agreement in the writing of grants.

3.  Displacement  of Employees hired as a result of the grant may occur immediately upon cancellation, termination, or reduction in funding of a grant.

4.  Grant-funded Employees shall have no right to displace other Employees and shall accrue no seniority.  Article XIII Renewals and Tenure, does not apply to grant employees.  If a grant-funded Employee applies for and is hired into a College-funded, unit eligible position, his/her seniority shall be calculated as specified in Article IX.

5.  A regular full-time Employee who transfers to a grant-funded position retains his/her departmental rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement should the grant be terminated or reduced.

6.  Grant writers will consider the input of those Employees affected by the grants prior to re-applying or renewing application are completed.

7.  Grant Employees  will retain their date of hire, as a full-time Grant Employee, when transferring to a college budgeted position only when:

a)  The grant position was full-time with full-time fringe benefits.       

b)  There was no interruption in service.

c)  The grant classification and the college classification are identical.

d)  Tenure  can not be automatic, but begins when the employee starts the college funded appointment/position by being approved by the President.


Regular part-time Employees as distinguished from part-time teaching persons or others hired for providing instructional services for less than one (1) year (See Article I) are unit-eligible.  This also includes those Employees hired under a grant if it is reasonably foreseeable they will be employed for a period of one (1) year or longer.
Positions for these Employees shall be budgeted and created by formal action of the Board of Trustees of the College.
Regular part-time Employees shall receive only the benefits  set forth below:

1.  Holidays, personal days and vacation  benefits as provided in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Vacation, personal days and holiday benefits shall be provided on a pro-rata basis.  The pay for such benefits shall be based on the average number of hours per week worked for the previous semester or quarter.  The semester work average will be used for those persons employed on a semester basis, and the quarter average will be used for those employed on an annual basis.

2.  The College shall provide and wholly contribute to a life insurance program for these Employees in the amount of Twenty Thousand ($20,000) Dollars.

3.  The College shall provide and wholly contribute to the accidental death and dismemberment provision (double indemnity) attached to the life insurance program.

4.  The College shall provide and wholly contribute to a life insurance program for spouses of regular part-time Employees with a Five Thousand ($5,000) Dollar benefit, and for each dependent child of these Employees for a One Thousand ($1,000) Dollar benefit.

5.  The College shall permit enrollment  by regular part-time Employees  in the basic hospitalization plan and as specified in Article XXVI, B.1, 2., 3., 4., and 6., at an Employee contribution of fifty (50%) percent of the cost to the College.

6.  Retirement  benefits shall be provided by the College to the extent permitted by the carrier.

7.  Regular part-time Employees shall accrue no seniority under this Agreement.


a) A regular part-time Employee shall be entitled to one-half (1/2) the allotment for tuition reimbursement and tuition waiver as a full-time Employee as specified in Article XXIV, E.2.  Accordingly, a regular part-time Employee (and dependents as defined in IRS regulations) shall be entitled to tuition reimbursement/waiver per unlimited courses taken at the Community College of Allegheny County.  This excludes courses designated with "Y" and includes tuition only.  A regular part-time Employee only shall be entitled to initial tuition reimbursement of six hundred ($600) dollars per academic year for courses taken outside the Community College of Allegheny County.

b) Redistribution of funds as stated in Article XXIV, E.4., shall be prorated at one-half (1/2) of the full-time rate.

c) All other conditions as stated in Article XXIV shall prevail.


a)  A regular part-time Employee shall have the opportunity to re-schedule with the appropriate supervisor lost time due to non-occupational sickness or accident  during the first eight (8) days of absence within one (1) month from the date of absence.

b)  A regular part-time Employee who is absent due to non-occupational sickness or accident  shall be entitled to short-term disability coverage by the College following the eighth (8th) calendar day of absence up to ninety (90) calendar days counted during their regular work schedule from the initial date of illness.  A regular part-time Employee  shall receive two-thirds (2/3) X current hourly rate X budgeted hours per week, or portion thereof, from the ninth (9th) through the thirty-first (31st) calendar day of absence; and full current hourly rate X budgeted hours per week, or portion thereof, during the second and third months of absence.  For less than twelve (12) month Employees, ninety (90) calendar days shall not include scheduled time off during the yearly schedule.  

c)  Employees absent for more than eight (8) calendar days shall provide a certified physician's or other health practitioner's statement of disability and anticipated length of absence.  This certification shall be provided to the appropriate administrator or immediate supervisor, who will forward it to the Business Office for payroll purposes.

d)  At such time when short-term disability coverage ceases or no sooner than the ninety-first (91st) day of disability, Employees with one (1) or more years of service are eligible  for long-term disability insurance coverage provided by the College as described in Paragraph 10 below.  At no time shall short-term and long-term disability payments overlap.  Employees who anticipate that disability will extend to long-term status should contact the Benefits Department, College Office, to obtain the necessary insurance application form.

e)  When an Employee qualifies for long-term disability insurance, the College will reimburse the Employee for the one-third (1/3) deduction applied for the ninth (9th) through the thirty-first (31st) calendar day of disability.


a)  The College shall provide and wholly contribute to the long-term disability insurance plan in effect prior to the signing of this agreement.  The maximum monthly payment shall be sixty (60%) percent of monthly base salary according to budgeted hours per week pro-rated on a ten (10) or twelve (12) month schedule.

b)  The College will provide and wholly contribute to the Hospitalization  Plans in effect for the Employee for the duration of the disability not to exceed one (1) year.

Casual employees  (persons who are hired on a temporary, seasonal, irregular or as-needed basis) are not unit-eligible.

J.  Changes exclusive of this Agreement shall be mutually agreed upon by the Federation and the College and recommended through the Ad Hoc committee.