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AFT - Article XXVII: Department Head

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A.       Effective with the March 2009 Department elections, a Department Head shall be elected for a teaching department with a minimum of three (3) full-time teaching faculty, and he/she shall perform the functions as set forth in paragraph G of this Article.  If a teaching department falls below 3 full-time Employees, then upon the completion of the term of the current Department Head the College will consolidate the department in question with the department which includes the Employees in the department.  Compensation is as follows:

In Departments of six (6) or fewer employees, one (1) course load reduction per semester and a stipend of $2,575 (2008-2009). $2,650 (2009-2010), and $2,725 (2010-2011).

In Departments of seven (7) to eleven (11) Employees, one (1) course load reduction per semester and a stipend of $3,090 (2008-2009), $3,180 (2009-2010), and $3,270 (2010-2011).  In addition, one (1) additional course load reduction per academic year.

In Departments of twelve (12) to seventeen (17) Employees, two (2) course load reductions per semester and  a stipend of $3,605 (2008-2009), $3,710 (2009-2010), and $3,815 (2010-2011).  In addition, one (1) additional course load reduction per academic year.

In Departments of eighteen (18) to twenty-one (21) Employees, two (2) course load reductions per semester and a stipend of $4,120 (2008-2009), $4,240 (2009-2010), and $4,360 (2010-2011).  In addition, one (1) additional course load reduction per academic year.

In Departments of twenty-two (22) to twenty-five (25) Employees, three (3) course load reductions per semester and a stipend of $4,635 (2008-2009), $4,770 (2009-2010), and  $4,905 (2010-2011).

In Departments of twenty-six (26) or more Employees, three (3) course load reductions per semester and a stipend of $5,150 (2008-2009), $5,300 (2009-2010), and $5,450 (2010-2011).

B.       In the Spring term Department Heads  shall be selected in accordance with the procedure set forth as follows:

1.      The members of departments shall nominate one (1) person for the position of Department Head and submit the nomination to the appropriate administratornot later than March 15.

2.      Within fifteen (15) days after the nomination, the Campus’s chief executive officer shall either confirm or reject the nomination.  Such rejection shall contain, in writing, the reasons for rejection.

3.      In the event a nominee is not accepted, the department shall submit 4.      If the College does not accept a nominee the second time, the College may appoint an interim Department Head to serve for one (1) academic semester.

Such appointee must be selected from among the Employees of the affected department.  In the last month of the term of office of an interim Department Head, the department shall again nominate.  No interim Department Head may be appointed by the College to serve an additional interim term without departmental agreement.

D.      Department Heads shall serve a two (2) year term from June 1 to May 31.  Should a Department Head receive a sabbatical during this time, the Department will hold an election to identify a temporary replacement to fill this position and receive the Department Head’s compensation.       

E.       In order to ensure the efficient operation of their department throughout the summer, department heads will coordinate their summer vacation schedule with the appropriate administratoron or before May 1 of each year.

F.       Consistent failure to perform the duties of the Department Head may result in removal from her/his position as Department Head.  Upon such removal, the College shall then request of the Federation that the affected department nominate another member of the department to fill the remainder of the term of office.  The Federation shall convene a meeting of the affected department to initiate the nominating process.

G.      The functions and duties of the Department Head shall be as follows:

1.       The Department Head shall perform the following in cooperation with the faculty:

a)       Encourage the development and maintenance of teaching and grading objectives within the department.

b)       Coordinate the preparation, review and revision of materials for the College catalog.

c)       Supervise the work-study students assigned to the department.

d)       Coordinate the efforts and arrange for the equitable distribution of departmental responsibilities.

e)       Arrange for the coverage of classes when departmental Employees are unavailable for eight (8) or fewer consecutive days and notify the appropriate administratorof arrangements made.  In cases of absence of more than eight (8) consecutive days, the provisions of Article XXV, Paragraph B.1, e. and f. shall apply.
f)        Coordinate the collection of course materials from departmental faculty upon request by the Campus’s chief academic officer.
g)    Serve as the second step in the student/grade appeals process by attempting to resolve student complaints as outlined in the Student Handbook. 
h)    Assist with the collection of data from the faculty related to the College’s assessment of student learning processes.

2.          In cooperation with the departmental faculty, and subject to the final approval of the Campus’s chief executive officer, he/she shall perform the following functions:

a)    Assess the needs for and recommend action toward the recruitment of faculty.

b)    Be responsible for assessing the need for curricular changes and/or new programs in her/his department.

c)    Assist the Campus’s chief academic officer in the development of both the annual and long-range operating and capital budgets.

d)    Assist in the preparation of class time schedules, including scheduling and utilization of faculty.

e)    Coordinate the utilization of appropriate media for instructional purposes within the department.

f)     Coordinate library purchases of books and periodicals.

g)    Coordinate the ordering of needed course textbooks, reference, and other instructional materials.

h)    Maintain liaison with the part-time faculty in her/his department, coordinating between the department's day, evening and Saturday programs.

i)      Distribute to part-time faculty copies of departmental course syllabi for credit courses taught on campus and at off-campus centers.

j)      Provide assistance to off-campus centers in matters relating to the quality of instruction in credit course offerings.

k)    Prepare the annual report of the activities of the department.

3.       The Department Head shall perform such other unspecified duties which are quantitatively and qualitatively similar to those specified in this description.