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Community College of Allegheny County

AFT - Article XXXII: Department Responsibilities to Part-Time Employees

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A.       Departments shall participate in the scheduling and staffing of all credit course offerings, i.e., all day, evening, Saturday, Sunday, media and summer course offerings taught both on campus and at off-campus locations.  If it is necessary to staff such courses with part-time employees, the following shall apply in order.

1.            Applications from new candidates for teaching credit courses shall be forwarded to the appropriate department for review and recommendation as to their eligibility for employment.

2.            In order to establish a pool of part-time teachers who will be available to teach those course offerings referred to above, for which full-time Employees are not available, the appropriate department(s) (or a committee thereof), in cooperation with the Department Head and appropriate administrator, shall interview the candidates.  Those deemed eligible shall be placed in an acceptable pool to be utilized for such part-time teaching.  The Department Head shall assist the Campus’s chief academic officer in the staffing of overage courses within that department.  If, after a reasonable effort has been made to contact the Department Head and he/she remains unavailable, these activities may be carried on by the Campus’s chief academic officer or her/his designee.

B.       The College shall provide each department with a list of all full-time (E) and credit adjunct teaching employees within the area of that department within two (2) weeks after the start of the semester.  This list shall consist of the name, address, current telephone numbers and CCAC email addresses for each full-time (E) and credit adjunct teaching during the semester.

C.      Each department shall make available to all part-time teaching employees in their areas, the appropriate course syllabus, the course objective and the titles of textbooks used in the various courses.

D.      With the approval of the appropriate administrator, the Department Head or her/his designee shall have access to student evaluations of all part-time instructors in her/his area(s).