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Community College of Allegheny County

Business and Industry Professional Development

CCAC's Center for Professional Development (CPD) partners with regional business and industry leaders to develop a vital economic future. By building a more productive, educated and skilled workforce through skills training and professional development, we improve Southwestern Pennsylvania’s economic potential and improve the overall quality of life in our region.

CPD Brochure FRONTCustomized Programs
Every business is different and so is each program delivered by the Center for Professional Development. We are focused on providing customized training to meet your individual needs. Some topics regularly covered by CPD are:

Technical & Manufacturing Proficiency

Leadership & Workforce Development Training

Special Programs and Contract Training

Employer Training Assistance
As a regional employer, your company is a very valuable asset to both state and local governments and they don’t want to see it go away. Our experts will help you identify funding opportunities, complete applications, prepare grant proposals and secure the public or private funding necessary to fund the CPD programs your business needs to stay competitive.

Employee Training Assessment Tools
Before our instructors hold a single class, they carefully assess your company’s needs to pinpoint competitive advantages and disadvantages, employee motivations, morale, environment and other factors. From enterprise-wide issues like change management to front-line employee training issues, each element affecting the long-term success of your organization is evaluated. Next, a well-targeted program is developed to build on your company’s strengths, diminish weaknesses and sharpen that critical competitive edge.

Our Instructors
The CPD instructor pool is made up of more than 50 industry leaders with significant achievement in their fields. Your custom program is staffed with experts whose knowledge and experience is most relevant to your business. Our subject matter experts draw from real-world experiences using hands-on instruction techniques. Our large cadre of adjunct instructors have worked as engineers, plant managers, manufacturers, consultants, project managers and teachers and bring that experience to your organization. Employees take what they learn back to their desks and apply it immediately.

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College Director, Center for Professional Development


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Director, Center for Professional Development


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