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The Workforce Development Department at Community College of Allegheny County offers a comprehensive selection of leadership and workforce development classes for every employee group in your organization. We've partnered with Pittsburgh’s world class training organization DDI as well as subject matter experts who have local knowledge and excel at facilitation to deliver training. Improve your leadership, your team morale, and your bottom line by enrolling now!

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CCAC's Workforce Development Department can provide on-site leadership and individual contributors training for your organization. Our education partnership with Development Dimensions International brings you world class curriculum and certified DDI facilitators to you. 

For questions and to discuss how your needs can be met with employee development and training, please contact  Brian Hannon,, 412-788-7357

Essentials of Leadership
This 3.5-hour course is the foundation course for all Interaction Management courses which stresses how to get results through people. Leaders acquire a set of proven interaction skills, discover seven Leadership Imperatives key to meeting today’s challenges and realize their role as a catalyst leader who inspires others to act.

Getting Started as a New Leader
This 3.5-hour course arms new leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to confront the challenges associated with getting their footing and getting results more quickly in their new leadership role. They learn how to focus their time and efforts on tasks that are most important to the organization’s success. New leaders learn an approach that will accelerate their ability to achieve results through others.

Taking Action to Solve Problems
This 3.5-hour course is a flexible, consolidated way for leaders to introduce continuous improvement and provide people with the tools to guide them through the process. Learners see how and why to distinguish between causes and symptoms. They learn how to avoid common pitfalls and how to use cause-and-effect diagramming and Pareto charts to identify possible causes and select ones to eliminate.

High Impact Feedback and Listening
This 3.5-hour course teaches individual performers how to effectively deliver both positive and developmental feedback. They also learn how to be receptive to feedback and to listen to accurately understand the speaker’s intended message. In the workplace, these skills help them to optimize and sustain their own and their coworker’s performance.

Leading High Performing Teams
This 3.5-hour course provides team leaders with the tools and skills to perform three primary responsibilities—diagnose, coach and reinforce—that support their team’s growth. Leaders learn to diagnose behaviors and conditions that limit team performance. They are equipped to assess team strength and weakness, as well as to use coaching and reinforcing skills to be a catalyst for high performance and continuous improvement.

Communicating with Impact
This 3.5-hour foundational course provides individuals with a powerful set of interaction skills that enables them to communicate more effectively with colleagues and customers and, in the process, build trust, strengthen partnerships, and achieve desired results.

Networking for Advanced Collaboration
This 3.5-hour course will help learners increase personal and team value by teaching them to cultivate a network of associates they can contact for information, advice and coaching. Learners identify what information and expertise they need, identify who can provide it, practice asking for help and then learn techniques for maintaining strong working relationships.

Taking the Heat
This 3.5-hour customer service course equips learners with an important skill set that is essential to providing high-quality customer service. These essential skills will help service providers turn dissatisfied, upset customers into satisfied, loyal ones.


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