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Information Technology Support (Certificate)

Certificate (242.4)

This program addresses individuals with a technical orientation, including college graduates from other fields, interested in a career that provides technical and support of a computer or a computer network.

The certificate in Information Technology Support provides students with specific technical competencies for entry-level employment opportunities as a user support specialist or network administrator. Various job titles in the field include help-desk support, technical support, end-user trainer, network support technician, or network administrator.

Students interested in various levels of hardware and network certifications offered by independent testing facilities can benefit from the information and knowledge provided by this degree.

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:

  1. Create technical documentation and locate necessary online documentation.
  2. Operate computers and networks efficiently and manage them effectively.
  3. Apply research material dealing with organizational and technical support issues.
  4. Analyze developments and trends in computer technology that impact software-based solutions.
  5. Install and maintain computer hardware and software, and use troubleshooting strategies and techniques in correcting a variety of computer hardware and software problems.

Prerequisite: Students are assumed to have either taken CIT-115 Introduction to Information Technology or demonstrate equivalent experience or knowledge prior to starting this certificate program. CIT-115 is a prerequisite for the first semester courses. Some industry certifications such as those provided by CompTIA or Cisco CCNA can be used as proof of equivalent knowledge.

See the graduation checksheet for this program in printable PDF form.

Certificate Requirements

Minimum Credits to Graduate: 18–20

First Semester

Course #      Course Name






PC Components & Operating Systems    



Total Credits


Second Semester


Computer Restricted Electives*



Total Credits


Third Semester


Systems Analysis & Design



Computer Restricted Elective*



Total Credits


*CIT Restricted Electives (3 required):

Students considering a concentration in general technical support are advised to choose from the following CIT restricted electives: CIT-140, CIT-181, CIT-205 and CIT-251.

Students considering a concentration in network administration are advised to choose from the following CIT restricted electives: CIT-220, CIT-250, CIT-251 and CIT-255.

CIT-140  Office Productivity Applications     
CIT-181  Principles of Information Security                  
CIT-205  Help Desk & User Support              
CIT-220  Linux Operating System                 
CIT-250  Internetworking of Computers           
CIT-251  Windows Server Operating System             
CIT-255  Web Server Administration

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