Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Boyce Campus Outdoor Fitness Trail

The Boyce Fitness Trail, a 1.7 mile course, is a motivational self-guided jogging game which provides a total conditioning routine and a health education program in one imaginative package.

This program is designed to encourage people to begin jogging and exercising by providing the basis for any community or organization fitness plan.

The Jogging Course also embodies a unique fitness scoring and achievement program, making it a favorite of conditioned athletes as well as beginning joggers and families.

The Boyce Fitness Trail was made possible through grants by the Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA and by the Wells Fargo Bank of San Francisco, CA.

See and print the Fitness Trail Map in pdf form.

The Boyce Fitness Trial is to be used at your own risk.

Warm Up and Stretching

Games 1-4
Phase one activities prepare players for exercise by properly stretching the major muscle groups.

Cardiovascular Conditioning and Upper Body Strengthening

Games 5-16
Phase two provides the cardiovascular conditioning component of the Gamefield.

Heart rate information is displayed on every game sign to make certain players are exercising at the right intensity.

Cool Down and Stretching

Games 17-20
Phase three starts a reduction in activity and a series of stretching games to cool players down to safely complete the Gamefield.


1.      Twist and Stretch

11.   Shoulder Stretch

2.      Hamstring Stretch

12.   Side Jump

3.      Calf Stretch

13.   Dips

4.      Inner Thigh Stretch   

14.   Trunk Roll

5.      Push-Ups

15.   Leg Press

6.      Leg Lift

16.   Body Lift

7.      Overhead Ladder

17.   Chest Stretch

8.      Sit Ups

18.   Hamstring Stretch

9.      Mountain Climber

19.   Double Calf Stretch

10.    Pull Ups

20.   Thigh Stretch