Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Student Support Specialists—South Campus

Academic & Support Referrals

Student Support Specialist are here to help you achieve your academic goals, be your advocate and refer you to the correct individuals for your specific needs.

Early Intervention & Mid-Term Reports

Students identified by faculty as having difficulty are contacted to provide early support to improve their chances for success.

Study Groups

Research shows study groups improve a student’s academic success. Contact us if you think a study group can assist you.

Classroom Presentations

Numerous presentations are provided in classrooms on topics that are important to students and their academic success as well as personal development.


Students who desire additional support through their academic career are encouraged to contact the Student Support Specialist for further guidance and support.


The Perkins Grant at CCAC
is part of
The Frieda G. Shapira Center for Learning Through Service

Perkins Grant Staff
South Campus

Pam Kennedy, South Campus Perkins Director


Shane Assadzandi


Washington County Center

Contact the Student Support Specialists for further assistance.