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Perkins Grant Student Support Specialists

PerkinsBrochureThumb2The Perkins Grant's Student Support Specialists work to help Career and Technical Education (CTE) students succeed academically. 

CTE students are CCAC students enrolled in programs that offer a sequence of courses leading to a certificate or an associate degree by providing relevant technical knowledge and the skills necessary to immediately join the workforce upon graduation. To see a complete list of CCAC’s CTE program offerings click the link for CTE Programs List in the blue banner on the right.

The Perkins Grant's Student Support Specialists provide a variety of academic support services, including study groups, Early Intervention, D & F reporting, mentoring, study skills and time management workshops, and referrals to other existing college academic resources.

They also can act as a liaison for students with Job Placement & Career Services, Counseling, Financial Aid, Supportive Services, Advisement and the Learning Center. When you meet with a Perkins Grant's Student Support Specialist, he/she will discuss with you your program of study, your goals for the future and determine services available to help you to reach your goals. From helping to navigate the ins and outs of the College to providing assistance with balancing academics, home life and job, the Perkins Grant's Student Support Specialists are here to provide support for all students enrolled in a career program.

Click on the links at the right for more information on the Perkins Grant's Student Support Specialists at your location.

Due to change in federal guidelines, the Perkins Grant can no longer assist students with developmental coursework.

The CCAC Perkins Grant does not provide funds directly to students, but rather funds a variety of programs designed to help CTE students succeed.

The Perkins Grant at CCAC
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