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ITS: Academic Email for Students & Faculty

Log into Academic Email.


All students with a NetID and all faculty with a CCAC network account have an academic mail and web account available to them. Any faculty or students wishing to have an academic mail and/or web account will need to establish a CCAC network account. 

  • Students:Students will use their NetID username and password to log on to their email account or upload student web pages to the new server. Students who do not have a NetID will need to sign up for one; see instructions for NetID.
  • Faculty: Faculty already have an Outlook email account for receiving internal correspondence; faculty may choose to have a second email account on the new academic mail server. This may be useful if you wish to keep student correspondence segregated from your other email. If you choose to use both email accounts, please remember to check both accounts regularly. Also, faculty will use their current CCAC network account (for Windows and Outlook) to access the new server for uploading faculty web pages.

The current webmail interface allows you to read and compose HTML formatted email. (What is HTML formatted email?)

  • You will have the ability to forward all incoming email to an external email account of your choice. If you choose to use this feature, emails will be forwarded and not stored on CCAC servers and thus you will assume full responsibility for storing and backing up your email.
  • Minimum mailbox size restrictions will remain the same at this time, since this is only a software upgrade.

Your Email Address

The academic mail server is located at, accessible from the CCAC network and any computer on the Internet. These accounts will use the same username and password as your CCAC network account or NetID and the email address will be in the format

Mailbox Size

Students are limited to 100 MB for their email inbox. Faculty are limited to 500 MB for their email inbox. If your inbox reaches the limit, there will be an alert warning the user to clean out their inbox. An additional alert will display after 4 hours, if the mailbox remains full. Mail will be deferred at the server level for up to 5 days, during which time the mail will be forwarded to the inbox once room becomes available. If the user does not reduce the size of their inbox after the 5 days, deferred email will be purged.

Spam Filtering

All incoming emails are routinely scanned and potential spam is filtered by the PureMessage Spam Filtering software. See the Spam Filtering Procedures webpage for instructions on checking Spam Messages and filtering these messages to another folder in your mailbox.

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