Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

MOST: Instruction Plan

Individualized Instruction

Through efficient use of computer technology, instructors will design and implement a training plan with YOU in mind. You can  learn at your own pace and be job ready in four to five months.

Pretesting determines just where you must begin your training. This allows you to take classes in only those things you need to learn for employment.

Plan for Success

Once you have entered training and have been given an individualized training plan, you will begin by studying the basic skills needed to succeed in an office situation.

You will:

  • practice good communication skills
  • learn to file properly
  • improve keyboarding speed and accuracy
  • learn to enter data into a computer quickly and accurately
  • begin to create documents using Microsoft Word.

Later you will learn Excel, Access and PowerPoint and how to integrate these programs for office productivity.

When your skills become marketable, you will begin a job search which includes resume preparation, mock interviews and referrals by the job developer. While involved in an on-site job search, you can continue improving and adding to your skills.