Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Third-Party Sponsor Payment

Organizations responsible for employee or client tuition payments may pay tuition and fees using one of the following methods: 

  1. Third-party authorization contract
  2. A company check made payable to CCAC

Blank third-party authorization contracts are available when students register. They also may be obtained by calling the Student Accounts Office on the appropriate campus, or click here to download the Third-Party Authorization Contract form.

The following third-party payment conditions apply:

  • Students must be an employee or client of the financially responsible company or agency. 
  • The contract is between the college and the company or agency. Any agreements between students and the company or agency have no bearing on this contract. 
  • All sponsorship forms or company checks must be in the Student Accounts Office by tuition due dates. 
  • Students must submit a new sponsor form each semester.
  • If for some reason a student's sponsor fails to pay charges upon receipt of bill, the student will be responsible for all charges. 
  • Qualified sponsored students are eligible for bookstore charge authorizations. Charges are available during the first three weeks of the 16-week term (fall/spring only). Summer charge periods are shorter. To utilize the authorization, go to the bookstore where the course is held, except Online Learning (OL) courses.  OL books are processed through the Allegheny Campus only.


The college will only bill for those charges not covered by other funding sources. If other funding sources become available after the third-party has been billed, their bill will be adjusted. If other funding sources become available after the third-party has paid, the third-party will be refunded.