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Graduation Checksheets

The Community College of Allegheny County has created graduation checksheets that detail the requirements for graduation for all academic programs offered at CCAC since 2002. They provide an easy-to-read checklist for students and academic advisors. CCAC continually reviews and updates programs to keep them current with professional standards for that profession or discipline. So there may be two or more versions of a particular program.  

Students are bound by the requirements that were in effect at the time of their first registration for the program as long as they continually attend CCAC. Students returning after a break in attendance  start with “CCAC’s current program versions.”

Students should check with their advisor to be certain that they are satisfying the correct set of requirements dependent on their entry term to the college.

When applying for graduation, students can print the “graduation application” from CCAC's Advisement Forms page and the program “checksheet” from the list below. 

How to find the right checksheet:

  1. New students will always use “CCAC’s current programs”, as will many continuing students.
  2. Student confirms program/major on CCAC Central e-Services  "Academic Profile - My Profile.
  3. (If this program is not correct, the student contacts an academic advisor to update.)
  4. Student determines the first term of attendance on CCAC Central e-Services "Academic Profile - Transcript" (see terms in right hand column).
  5. Students who can’t determine the appropriate checksheet should consult an academic advisor.

CCAC’s current programs do not have an end date. Click a letter to view programs in that section:

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CCAC’s prior program versions have been closed off for admission, but continuing  students (those with no break in attendance)* should follow the requirements in effect at the time of their first registration in the program.

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