Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Application Form & Steps in the Process

For questions or more information contact the Allied Health Office at 412.237.2681.
Radiation Therapy Application Form

1. Students inquire about the program by:

  • Exploring the website
  • Phone or Email
    Each student will receive, by mail, a complete application packet which includes college, allied health and program application forms with program of study curriculum, prerequisite requirements and tuition information.
  • A visit to the Student Services Center
    Student will be given preliminary information and advisement about program prerequisites, limited enrollment, etc.
    Student will be asked to fill out application to the college and allied health department. Program Director will receive a copy of allied health application. A complete packet will then be sent to prospective student from allied health office.

2. Submit:

  • CCAC online application
  • Allied Health Application
  • ARRT Radiography exam score (Certificate program applicants only)
  • All up-to-date official transcripts
  • Criminal Background Check (requirement by the A.R.R.T)
  • Resume: Brief summary of recent, pertinent education, work experience, volunteer work or community service, hobbies and interests, awards and honors and memberships.
  • A brief definition/description of the radiation therapy profession with an explanation of student’s choice of career goal and why you should be accepted into the program.
  • 2 professional letters of recommendation
  • View career videos from the ASRT and Dr. Kit

3. Spring Semester

  • Faculty and clinical supervisors evaluate all prospective students’ submissions and make admission recommendations.
  • All documents must be available
  • The AS degree prospective student receives a letter asking him/her to visit a hospital radiation oncology department for a 4-hour shadowing experience.

4. Decision process includes the following:

  • Prerequisite QPA is 2.75 or above.  Applicants must have completed or be enrolled in to complete before program start, MAT108, BIO110 or 150, and PHY100.
  • ARRT results are 80% or greater, or 1 year experience as a radiographer
  • Paper evaluation comments from faculty and clinical supervisors are positive.
  • Criminal Background Check is clear.
  • Resume and research is professional, well-written and coherent.
  • Shadowing experience is successful with positive feedback from clinical supervisor.

5. Program Acceptance Letter

  • Prospective student receives a letter of acceptance, registration form and other documents by mail.

6. Letter of Non-Admittance

  • Students may not have immediate acceptance due to limited enrollment. This letter will ask if he/she would be interested in applying for next fall.

7. Note:  Students may take any classes that do not have the “RTT” prefix at any time prior to the  start of the RTT program.  This, however, does not guarantee acceptance into the RTT program.  All classes with the “RTT” prefix must be taken during the program.

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