Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Grants & Restricted Funds Accounting

The mission of the Restricted Funds Accounting Department is to provide contract/grant and financial aid management to ensure sponsored programs maintain fiscal compliance according to contract and government guidelines, while committing to the scope of services as contracted.


Customer Service: 
Provide direct service to department and agency administration, project directors and internal and external auditor's. 

Fiscal Compliance: 
Maintain an accounting system which complies with internal, sponsoring agency and goverment regulations and policies.  A department number and budget is established in Datatel when an executed agreement is received and a request is submitted to this department.    Restricted fund financial transactions are determined to be compliant according to contract provisions and policy approved by this department.

Financial Reporting: 
Prepare accurate and timely reports to sponsoring agencies and internal personnel such as cash flow, board statements and accrual reports.

Agency Invoicing: 
Prepare and submit accurate and timely billings as contracted.  This is coordinated with Project Director when project status reports must accompany an agency invoice.

Accounts Receivable: 
Process payments received via check or ACH and maintain the restricted funds balance sheet.

Closing of Restricted Funds/Projects: 
Prepare year-end financial statements and closing entries to the general ledger.  Prepare and submit final close-out reports as required by sponsoring agencies.  Prepare year-end A-133 audit report statements.



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