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ITS: Outlook Web Access

When you are at home or using another computer outside of CCAC's network, Outlook Web Access (OWA) allows you to view your email messages from your remote location.

Logging In

Please use Internet Explorer when logging in to your email remotely.

Log into the Outlook Web Access at the following URL:


NOTE: ALWAYS use ccac\ prior to your networkID.

 ITS OWA Picture


You now have the option to select if you are using a public or private computer.

Select Public option if you use Outlook Web App on a public computer. This option will close your session after 10 minutes of idle time  Be sure to sign out of your account when you've finished and close all windows to end your session.

Select Private option if you're the only person who uses this computer. Your server will allow a longer period (about 3 hours)  of inactivity before signing you out.

After the Security section you will notice the option for using the light version of OWA. The light version of Outlook Web App includes fewer features. Use it if you're on a slow connection or using a computer with unusually strict browser security settings.


  • As a security measure Passwords MUST be changed every 90 days. 
  • Two weeks prior to the account expiration, you will be notified that the password is about to expire. 

To change your password:

  1. Click on Options
  2. Select  Change Password
  3. Fill in the requested information
  4. Click on Save next to the green check

NOTE: This options only work while your password is still active. If you let  time lapse without changing your password,and it expires, you will need to call the CCAC ServiceDesk (412.237.8700) .

You will not be able to view email stored in Archive or Personal folders when using OWA.

Messages (including attachments) larger than 5MB will not be sent/received through the Email Exchange messaging system.

Cleaning Your Mailbox Remotely

  • Please, remember there is a size quota to your Outlook mailbox. 
  • Don’t forget to delete what is in your Deleted Items. Items in your deleted items folder count against this quota.
  • If your mailbox is full you may not be able to send OR receive email.
  • When deleting, pressing SHIFT + DELETE, will permanently delete email and bypass the deleted items folder. (If your mailbox is full, email may not delete without using this method).
  • Don’t use the deleted items folder as a HOLD area.

Reminder: Archiving can only be done using Outlook on campus

Further documentation and online training can be found on Moodle.