Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Disability Services Basic Information & Skills Check List

All students have academic and personal management issues to deal with.  Students with disabilities have more issues to deal with than most other students.  This checklist will help to give you a better understanding of yourself and what you need to work on to prepare yourself for college.  Print out a copy of this checklist and ask a parent or teacher to sit down and discuss the answers with you.  This test should show you what you need to work on. 

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What do I know about myself

answer each question with

yes - no - working on it - don’t know

Do I have a clear and realistic educational

or vocational goal? _______________

Can I name and describe my disability? _______________

Can I describe my strengths and limitations? _______________

Do I know what accommodations I need?  (low

distraction area, extended testing time, note takers,

books on tape) _______________

Do I know what adaptive equipment I need to use?

(4 track player, screen reader, etc.) _______________

Study Skills

Do I know how to use a library? _______________

Do I know when to ask for assistance? _______________

Can I take notes from a book? _______________

Can I take notes from a lecture? _______________

Am I usually prepared for class? _______________

Do I know how to study for different

kinds of tests? _______________

Am I on time and regular in class

attendance? _______________

Am I good at organizing my work? _______________

Are my assignments and notes neat? _______________

Do I turn my work in on time? _______________

Do I work well in a group? _______________

Do I communicate effectively with teachers? _______________

Do I interact well with my age group? _______________

Can I problem solve and make good decisions? _______________

Do I know when a conversation is over? _______________

Can I handle rejection in an appropriate manner? _______________

Do I know how to let someone know that I

like them? _______________

Do I understand what it is like to share living

arrangements with a roommate? _______________

Do I use leisure time appropriately? _______________

Life Skills

Can I arrange transportation to go to school or

a job? _______________

Do I understand my medical needs and can I

express these needs to the appropriate people? _______________

Do I know how to locate assistance if I need it? _______________

Can I manage my own money? _______________

Can I shop for my own food and clothing? _______________

Can I do basic cooking and laundry? _______________

Academic Preparation

Can I read and understand college-level material? _______________

Can I write an essay? _______________

Have I had enough math (3 years or more)? _______________

Have I had at least 3 years of science which

includes at least one lab science? _______________

Have I had enough foreign language to get into

the school I want to attend? _______________

Can I use email, word processing and the web? _______________

If you have checked working on it or don’t know, you need to do some more preparation.  Work hard, we will see you in college.

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