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Community College of Allegheny County

Speakers Bureau


The Community College of Allegheny County takes pride in its ability to assist you with your event program needs by providing FREE presentations for your organization, association, business, civic group or school.

CCAC’s Faculty Speakers Bureau is a free public service to help meet the cultural and educational needs of residents and organizations in Allegheny and Washington Counties and surrounding communities.  Members of the Speakers Bureau are CCAC administrators and faculty who are willing to share their areas of expertise and interests with you.

The Speakers Bureau features professional speakers that are experts in a wide range of topics, including business management, aging, nutrition, government, team building, stress management and so much more.  Regardless of the event and topic, you can find the perfect speaker here.  CCAC is here to work with you, to work hard for your organization and to make sure your next event is a success.

To request a faculty speaker, simply fill out the request form and send to or fax to 412.237.4432 or by mail to CCAC – Attention Speakers Bureau, 800 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15233.

Sponsored by the CCAC Faculty Professional Development


Allison Caveglia Barash, MA

Denise Biondo, MA 

Sandi Bobick, EdD

Dianna Bourke, PhD

Lori Breen, JD, Ed. Cert.

Sandy Callan, BS

Jacqueline Cavalier, MA

Andrea Chester, MA

Deborah Grice Conway, PhD   

Nancy Grant, EdD

Daniel Giovannelli

Mary Jo Guercio, EdD

Debra Hamel

Emma Hartle

Robert Kmetz

George Jaber, MA

Diane Jacobs


Joanna Kamierczak, PhD

Rhena McCaskill, MA

Leelavati Murthy

Bonnie Ordonez

Ralph Proctor, PhD

Liberty Pyros, MS

Barbara Radigan, PhD

Linda Raimondi

Barbara Rainard, MS

Rebecca Shaheen

Dorit Sasson

Barbara Scholle, MNEd

Ryan Sievers, MBA

Renee Thompson

Kalina White, MS

Robert Wyda

Frank Yesko


A Cure for Every Malady - The Patent Medicine Industry in the 19th Century America

Acting Naturally


Animals of the Galapagos

Bridge and Baklava

Business Management

Child and Family as a Major

Child Development Issues

Computer Security & Ethical Issues and the Use of Information

Cultural Competence

Current Research on Technology & Learning


DNA Structure & Function: Digging for DNA

Dynamics of Adulthood & Retirement

Early Childhood Learning as a Career

Eating Properly

Expectations of Nursing and Assisted Living Homes


Hand on History: Using Artifacts in the Classroom

How to Develop a Women's Council/Group

How to Develop an Employee Health and Wellness Program

Human Resource Management

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA

Information Technology and Areas of Education

Israel – Where Ancient and Modern Meet

Life with the Circus

Overview of Emotion/Behavioral Disorders of Childhood

Parenting Techniques

Peak Oil Production and Decline

Services for Persons with Special Needs

Stress and Depression

Stress Management

The Domestic Enclosure of Women in Fascist Italy

The Impact of Immigration on the Iron and Steel Industry during the Industrial Revolution in America

Topophobia - The Fear of Public Speaking

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