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Plagiarism Detection in Blackboard:

Plagiarism occurs when a student:

  • Fails to place quotation marks around material copied word-for-word from another source, published or not and including web-based content. (Long quotes are indented and blocked, according to discipline documentation requirements.)

  • Neglects to attribute words and/or ideas to their author, whether the author is published or not.

  • Closely follows the original’s wording and sentence structure when attempting to paraphrase.

  • Presents all or part of a paper from an essay-purchasing site as his or her own work.

CCAC's Blackboard System now includes the plagiarism detection software SafeAssignment. With SafeAssignment, faculty can quickly and easily incorporate assignments in a Blackboard course site that synchronizes with the Gradebook and validates student submitted work against a national and local plagiarism database.

For more information: Available Resources: SafeAssignment

Media Support for Online Faculty:

The Online Learning Center offers faculty a wide array of media support including:

  • VHS to DVD transfers
  • CD-ROM creation
  • CD/DVD Duplication
  • Digital Video and Still Cameras

For more information: Available Resources: Media Support