Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

CIT: CalU Computer Engineering

In March 2007, CCAC and the California University of Pennsylvania (CalU) completed an articulation agreement that would allow students taking prescribed courses for their associate degree in Computer and Information Science to transfer all earned credits toward completion of a CalU bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering Technology. In the process, students can save thousands of dollars while still completing a bachelor's degree in four years!

If you are interested in this program, it is suggested that students first contact a CalU or CCAC Counselor before enrolling for courses. The various recommended Electronics courses are only offered at CCAC's South Campus.

The following are the prescribed courses and their sequence that will fullfill both the AS Computer and Information Science and transferring to CalU in the third year of their BS Computer Engineering Technology program:


First Semester

  1. CIT111 Introduction to Programming: Java
    (in place of CalU’s CSC120 Problem Solving & Program Construction)
  2. ENG101 English Composition 1
    (in place of CalU’s ENG101 English Composition 1)
  3. EET103 Introduction to Electronics
  4. MAT142 Pre-Calculus Mathematics 1
    (in place of CalU’s MAT199 Pre-Calculus)
  5. MIT103 Fundamentals of Microprocessors
    (in place of CalU’s CET270 Introduction to Microprocessor Design)

Second Semester

  1. CIT130 Object-Oriented Programming: Java
    (in place of CalU’s CSC265 Object-Oriented Programming)
  2. MIT110 Electrical Engineering Circuits 1
    (in place of CalU’s EET110 DC Circuit Analysis)
  3. ENG103 Technical Communications  OR
    ENG106 Report Writing
    (in place of CalU’s ENG217 Science & Technical Writing)
  4. MAT135 Discrete Mathematics  1
    (in place of CalU’s MAT195 Discrete Mathematical Structures)
  5. SPH101 Oral Communication
    (satisfies CalU’s Public Speaking General Education course requirement) 

Third Semester

  1. CIT145 Programming in C
    (in place of CalU’s CSC124 Computer Programming I)
  2. MIT210 Electrical Engineering Circuits 2
    (in place of CalU’s EET160 AC Circuit Analysis)
  3. ECO102 Principles of Macroeconomics OR
    ECO103 Principles of Microeconomics
    (in place of CalU’s ECO100 Elements of Economics as one of the two General Education Social Science courses)
  4. MAT201 Calculus 1  1
    (in place of CalU’s MAT281 Calculus I)
  5. PHY221 Physics for Science and Engineering 1  2
    (in place of CalU’s PHY101 College Physics I)

Fourth Semester

  1. CIT245 Data Structures and Programming: C++
    (in place of CalU’s CSC328 Data Structures)
  2. MIT208 Digital Electronics
    (in place of CalU’s CET235 Digital Electronic Design)
  3. MAT202 Calculus 2  1
    (in place of CalU’s MAT282 Calculus II)
  4. PHY222 Physics for Science and Engineering  2  2
    (in place of CalU’s PHY202 College Physics II)
  5. Social Science Elective
    (satisfies CalU’s social science general education requirement)

1 CalU requires the following CCAC mathematics classes to be taken in the first two years:

    • MAT142 Pre-Calculus Mathematics OR
      MAT111 College Algebra AND MAT147 College Trigonometry
    • MAT135 Discrete Mathematics
    • MAT201 Calculus 1
    • MAT202 Calculus 2

A student needs to discuss with a counselor the appropriate sequence of mathematics courses and any remedial courses, based on their high school mathematics capabilities and/or placement test scores.

2 CalU allows the algebra-based PHY141 Physics 1 and PHY142 Physics 2 courses to be taken in place of PHY221 Physics for Science and Engineering 1 and PHY222 Physics for Science and Engineering 2.