Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Academic Planning Committee


  • review current bargaining unit positions, analysis of staffing needs (full time regular faculty, new faculty hires and replacement faculty) and to provide recommendations to College Council and President's Council.
  • facilitate the Program Discipline Review Process.
  • develop the Academic Calendar.

College Council forms

Meeting Minutes beginning Fall 2006

Archived Meeting Minutes prior to November 2003

Program Review Process Document

Program Review Schedule (Appendix A)

2013–2014 Academic Year


Stephen Wells – South Faculty


Vickie Rostis – South Faculty

Faculty Members   Geno Anitori - Boyce Faculty
Maxine Coleman - Allegheny Faculty
Mark Domencic - Allegheny Faculty
Sean Evans - Allegheny Faculty
Ray Martin - Boyce Faculty
Elizabeth Johnston - Director of Public Relations
Nancy Keilly - Assistant Director of Financial Aid, North
Clyde Pickett - President for Diversity and Inclusion, Allegheny
Brenda Trettel - Dean of Academic Affairs, South