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Speaker Bureau Bios

Topophobia – The Fear of Public Speaking
Acting Naturally – An Application of Spontaneity and Finding Personal Freedom

Professor George Jaber has been teaching Speech and Theatre since 1979. He has produced and directed over 300 shows and has served as technical director and carpenter on 200 theatre productions and films. As a Speech Professor, he has developed a confidence building method that prepares individuals for a successful experience.

Peak Oil Production and Decline
Business Management

Ryan Sievers earned his BA in Anthropology from Iowa State University and his MBA from the United Business Institutes, a small prestigious university in Brussels, Belgium. Sievers' unique passion for both branding and business management led him to establish Sievers & Co. in 2000, his own consulting firm with the purpose of serving clients with a need for top-level outside expertise in the strategic development of their companies and corporate identities. In addition, Ryan Sievers enjoys presenting his real-world experience and wisdom to today's students and tomorrow's business managers and leaders as an adjunct professor of finance, management and communications at the Community College of Allegheny County. 

Information Technology and Areas of Education
Computer Security and Ethical Issues and the Use of Information
Into to Object Oriented Programming using JAVA
Current Research on Technology and Learning

Nancy S. Grant, EdD, is a professor of Computer Information Technology at the Community College of Allegheny County since 1981. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Business Information Systems from Robert Morris University, as well as a graduate degree in Business Education from Robert Morris University.  She also holds a graduate degree from West Virginia University, as well as a doctorate degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Her research interests include cognitive processes in learning, cognitive learning styles, instructional strategies, as well as technology and education.

Bridge and Baklava – Introduction to the Game of Bridge

Liberty Zabetakis Pyros has taught bridge and mathematics for more than 20 years in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, including teaching posts at the University of Pittsburgh, Community College of Allegheny County and at Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, New York. Before that she was hired by Westinghouse as their first female computer engineer to design and install process control computer systems.  At the insistence of her students, she wrote a book for beginning and intermediate bridge players, giving it the title Bridge and Baklava, currently in use and re-titled Bridge Path to Creative Thought.

DNA Structure and Function – Digging for DNA
Animals of the Galapagos

Sandi Bobick, EdD, Dianna Bourke, PhD, Sandy Callan, BS, Joanna Kamierczak, PhD, Barbara Rainard, MS, Maura Stevenson PhD, Kalina White, MS

The biology and chemistry faculty members behind the Allegheny Campus “Women In Science” initiative have adapted a lab from introductory college biology for the wider community. With decades of experience from Connecticut to Colorado between them, they have come together in Pittsburgh with the common goal to improve science literacy. Exact speakers will vary depending on schedule.

Parenting Techniques
Stress Management
Overview of Emotion/Behavioral Disorders of Childhood

Deborah Grice Conway, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at CCAC's South Campus. She is a licensed psychotherapist, having earned her PhD in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Conway has nearly 30 years of clinical experience as a psychotherapist, treating depression, anxiety disorders and stress-related health conditions. Her work is based on a holistic perspective that incorporates the mind, body and spirit and focuses on the individual's strengths. Dr. Conway speaks regularly on stress management, health-related stress disorders, post traumatic stress and mindfulness techniques to local and national audiences.  

Stress Management

Allison Caveglia Barash, MA, Professor of Psychology, has been teaching at the North Campus of the Community College of Allegheny County since 1986.  Prior to that, she taught at the California State University at Fresno and Fresno City College. She has developed and presented numerous stress management and other self-improvement workshops for a variety of businesses and organizations and has also taught in CCAC's Continuing Education Department.

Israel – Where Ancient and Modern Meet

Andrea Chester is an adjunct instructor at CCAC’s Boyce Campus and has also taught at Duquesne University. She has made at least six trips to Israel and would be talking about aspects of the culture of this tiny democracy, accompanying the talk with slides, pictures and videos.

Early Childhood Learning as a Career
Child and Family as a Major

Denise Biondo is the Director of the CCAC South Campus Child Development Center and serves on the PA State Board of Private Academic Schools and the CCAC Child and Family Studies Advisory Board.

Pennsylvania is experiencing many changes in this area such as: revisions of standards from the Office of Child Development and revision of regulations in PA Department of Education Private Academic schools, resulting in better career opportunities in this field and higher quality childcare centers. 

Services for Persons with Special Needs
Human Resource Management
How to Develop a Women’s Council/Group
How to Develop an Employee Health and Wellness Program

Mary Jo Guercio has worked at CCAC for the past 21+ years. She is currently the College Director of Community Training and Development and the Chair of the CCAC Women’s Council. She has a BA in Psychology/Special Education, MSEd. Counselor Education, MS Human Resource Management and an EdD in Higher Education. She is currently an adjunct faculty member in the Business Department CCAC North Campus and also was an adjunct faculty member in the Psychology Department. She has written many grants and is very interested in working with Community Organizations. She is a Board Member for two MH/MR Agencies in Allegheny County and currently is a member of the City Of Pittsburgh Citizen Police Review Board.

The Domestic Enclosure of Women in Fascist Italy
Hands on History:  Using Artifacts in the Classroom
A Cure for Every Malady:  The Patent Medicine Industry in 19th CenturyAmerica
The Impact of Immigration on the Iron and Steel Industry during the Industrial Revolution in America

Jacqueline M. Cavalier is an Associate Professor of History at the Community College of Allegheny County where she serves as the Faculty Professional Development Coordinator for the Allegheny Campus. Primarily a nineteenth-century social historian, Cavalier has authored several works including, Hunting for an Identity Through Artifacts: The Civic Contributions of a Nineteenth-Century Small Town American Retailer (2000), A Remedy for Every Malady: The Patent Medicine in Nineteenth Century America (2002) and, most recently, The Impact of Immigration on the Iron and Steel Industry, which was included in the ABC-Clio reference book series, The Industrial Revolution in America (2005). 

In addition to United States History, Cavalier’s interests include Women’s History and American Labor History, the latter in which she has recently developed a course offered at CCAC. She has worked as a reviewer and author for a number of textbook publishers, including Prentice Hall, Longman and Houghton Mifflin and as an independent historical consultant for a variety of organizations, including GAI Consultants and the Central Fayette Chamber of Business and Industry. Cavalier’s past public speaking engagements include the Business and Professional Women, the Rotary Club, the Senator Rush D. Holt History Conference at West Virginia University, the national conference of the Economic and Business Historical Society and the Societa Dante Alighieri of Pittsburgh.

Cultural Competence

Ralph Proctor received both his BS in Psychology and PhD in History from the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently the Chief Diversity Officer for CCAC. Prior to this appointment Dr. Proctor was chairperson for CCAC’s Afrikana & Ethnic Studies Department. Dr. Proctor was also an Assistant Dean at the University of Pittsburgh and has served as lecturer for the various colleges and universities in the Pittsburgh Area—including Carlow College, Duquesne University, LaRoche College and the University of Pittsburgh.

Eating Properly
Expectations of Nursing and Assisted Living Homes

Barbara Scholle graduated from Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, received a BSN from Duquesne University, MN from Pitt. She taught nurses at AGH, started the AD nursing at CCAC—Allegheny Campus. She then went in to nursing and hospital administration. Barbara was a clinical coordinator for obstetrics and Pediatrics at Agh, Director of Nursing at Children's Hospital and an assistant administrator at Divine Providence Hospital, administrator at Passavant retirement center in the assisted living division. She then worked for National Health Management, her first experience in a for profit company who either owned or managed assisted living facilities on the eastern seaboard. As the only nurse, Barbara did training, QA and filled in for vacancies in the administrator or chief nurse positions. After 3 attempts at retiring, she did and now works with the Perkins Grant three days a week trying to retain students in Allied Health and Nursing. 

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