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Program & Discipline Review Data



Program Information 07/14/14: Program information includes program name, pcode, title, cip, academic level, degree, start/end date, status, graduation flag, completion months, area and stipend. 

Enrollment Table: Five year program registration data. The information is organized by program and includes headcount, FTE, demographic data, GPA and completion rates.

Graduate Data: The number of graduates by program for the past five years. 

Five Year Graduate Survey Results 2010–2014

Recently, CCAC has made changes to the graduate tracking system. These changes are allowing us to collect a substantially larger amount of data by increasing the amount of surveying we do at additional time points. Because of this, we are able to produce data tables that are more current than they have been in the past. It is possible for previous trends reported in these tables to shift with the increase in responses from graduates. We view any potential trend shifts as an acceptable side effect of our vastly improved data collection volume.

 Questions with Counts

  • Responded to survey
  • Did you accomplish the educational objectives you set for yourself at CCAC?                    
  • Did you enroll at the College because of potential or actual loss of job, or concerns about future job opportunities in your field of employment?     
  • As a result of your education at CCAC, did you receive...?                             
  • Your current employment status?                        
  • Is your current job related to your program at CCAC?   
  • Your employer is located...?                           

Questions with Means

  • How many of your CCAC credits were you able to transfer?
  • Rate how well your program of study at CCAC prepared you for what you are doing now.   
  • How would you assess opportunities for graduates of your program of study at CCAC?     
  • Overall, how satisfied are you with the quality of programs and services provided by CCAC? 
  • Means are based on a 5-point Likert scale.

Transfer Questions

  • Did you have any difficulty transferring credits to your new college?  
  • Student transferred to another institution.

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Registrations: Total number of registrations per semester of all combined sections of each course within a discipline (day, evening, weekend).

Sections Offered: Total number of sections that were scheduled per semester for each course within a discipline (day, evening, weekend)

All Sections Run: Total number of sections that ran per semester for each course within a discipline (day, evening and weekend).

Average Section Size: Average section size (number of registrations/number of sections run) for each course within a discipline (day, evening and weekend).

Successful Completion Ratio: Ratio of the total number of students that successfully complete each course within a discipline.

Student Credit Hours (SCH): SCH generated per academic year by the combined courses taught in a discipline.

Full-Time Sections Taught: Total number of sections taught by full-time faculty within each discipline (including overages), with percent of total sections taught.

Student Credit Hours/Campus Ratio: Ratio of total number of student credit hours generated by the discipline to the total number of campus student credit hours.


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