Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

ITS: Web Applications


The ITS Applications and Integration Division provides services to design business applications for College departments. Are you interested in developing a survey, business application or web service to enhance the services provided by your department or division? Contact the Manager of Applications and Integration.

The following web applications have been designed in-house to provide web-based services that impact the business of the College:

  • Appointment Central
  • Survey of Student Opinion
  • Master Syllabi

Appointment Central

Does your department offer appointments for prospective and/or current students to see advisors, counselors, administrators, etc? You may request to have an appointment service setup at your location, so department staff can customize your service, create reservations and offer appointment scheduling over the web. [More Info]  

 Survey of Student Opinion

Faculty can register here and view the results of the Student Opinion Survey, after classes have concluded. [More Info]

 Master Syllabi

View current credit and noncredit course syllabi. Faculty can print copies for their classes.