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Have you dropped a piece of food, eating utensil, baby’s pacifier, etc. on the floor? Have you heard of the 3-Second Rule? See below.

Myth: If food is dropped on the floor, it’s okay to eat if it’s only been on the floor for 3 seconds.

Truth: Forget it! No one’s floors are clean enough to eat off of, and once food hits the floor, it should be thrown out.

Germs are everywhere; however, 95 percent of them are harmless. The problem is you never know where the harmful ones are lurking. Oftentimes, it's on the floor. The most frequently encountered germs—Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella and E. coli, among others—trigger nausea and diarrhea. Shaking or blowing on whatever you've dropped—food, eating utensil, a pacifier—won't help. Give a dropped utensil or pacifier a run through the dishwasher. And where food is concerned, when in doubt, throw it out.


Dr. Will Clower Mediterranean Wellness Year Long Program 

Introduction- Week 1

Week 2 of PATH: GOT Portion Distortion

Week 3 of PATH: Train your Brain

Week 4 of PATH: Psst. We Have a Secret

Week 5 of PATH: Overconsumption

Week 6 of PATH: Crank up your Metabolism

Week 7 of PATH: Breaking the Chains

Week 8 of PATH: Get Your Wellness Black Belt


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