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College Council Meeting Minutes October 11, 2007

October 11, 2007
College Office Board Room

Present   Absent                     Guests                  

Mary Frances Archey  
Gail Boyea          
Joe Calig
Toni Carney
John Dziak
Rod Farkas
Rita Gallegos
Joanne Jeffcoat 
Maura Stevenson
Barbara Thompson 
Allysen Todd 
Ping’an Wang  
Stephen Wells 
Peggy Williams-Betlyn        

Maryann Anderson     
Charles Blocksidge        
Ralph Proctor 

Mike Murphy
Fran Dice
Jane Greenwood 
Diane Maldonado 
Mary Kate Quinlan

In the absence of the Chair, Maryann Anderson, Toni Carney called the meeting to order at 2:35 PM. 


Joe Calig made a motion to approve the minutes of the Sept. 13th, 2007 meeting of College Council. Rita Gallegos seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved as amended.

Mike Murphy reported that he was unable to have the Board of Trustees meet on another day rather than when Subcommittees meet.  This affects the ability of some Administrators to attend Subcommittee meetings.



Academic Calendar 2009

Joanne Jeffcoat reported that Sulakshana Plumley is a new Faculty member on Academic Planning.

When the Subcommittee met last week Fran Dice was in attendance to begin discussions on the 2009 academic calendar. The Subcommittee made recommendations for the 2009 calendar and sent those recommendations out to the College community for comments. The hearing will be Oct. 18th.

Mary Frances Archey, Steve Wells and Joanne Jeffcoat met on procedures for hiring and have worked out a tentative schedule. Academic Planning will be bringing hiring recommendations to Council at the Jan. 24th meeting. Mrs. Jeffcoat reported that there are 3 Program Reviews that will be submitted soon to Academic Planning. They are the Paralegal Program, Speech and Education.


Proposal: General Education and Student Behaviors

Toni Carney reported that the Subcommittee has full membership with 4 Administrators and 8 Faculty. Membership is representative of all campuses.

At the last meeting, the Subcommittee held hearings for the Assessment of Student Learning (ASL) proposal. In 2006 the ASL Committee worked on General Education Goals which were approved by Council. This current proposal matches behaviors with each of those goals. Diane Maldonado explained that in the Spring 2007, the committee worked on these measurable behaviors which are stated in the proposal. Dr. Maldonado distributed a matrix which showed how the behaviors for a typical course can be incorporated.

Maura Stevenson made a motion to accept the proposal. Gail Boyea seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


Proposal: Updating BIO Common Course Syllabi

Mary Frances Archey presented the proposal to update the common course syllabi for certain courses in Biology.  The course descriptions have been updated, measurable learning outcomes have been incorporated, and an error in pre-requisites has been corrected. Steve Wells noted that BIO 103 includes all other systems except the reproductive system. Maura Stevenson said that it is covered elsewhere. Barbara Thompson asked about BIO 206 Animal Behavior and BIO 202 Zoology whether they are being offered.  Dr. Archey assured her that both courses are current and will be offered.

Joanne Jeffcoat made a motion to accept the proposal. Barbara Thompson seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal: Course Title Changes to ART 150 and ART 250

Allysen Todd presented the proposal which involves minor changes to a proposal approved by Council last year. A course title change was not made and periods were omitted when the revisions were made last year. The title of ART 150 was changed from Computer Graphics I to Introduction to Digital Graphic Design and ART 250 was changed from Computer Graphics 2 to Digital Graphic Design 1.

Steve Wells made a motion to accept the proposal. Gail Boyea seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


Rod Farkas reported that the Subcommittee has been requested to look at Achieving the Dream by Dr. Archey. There is also one item remaining from last year which is a peer review of distance learning.

Joe Calig reported that after the first of the new calendar year, he has asked Ibrahim Garbioglu to do a college-wide Information Systems 5-year plan. Faculty will be asked to take a very active role in the planning process. He also mentioned that the Blackboard staff are trying to be very service orientated. Mr. Calig agreed that Blackboard is not compatible with Vista, but because of the many problems associated with Vista, the College will not be migrating to it anytime soon.


There was no unfinished business.


Program Review: Appendix A

Mary Frances Archey distributed Appendix A which is the updated list of Program Reviews for 2007-08. This list is revised every October. Dr. Archey will send the electronic version to Barbara Thompson to be posted on the College Council website.  

Clarification of the “D” as a non-successful grade policy

Allysen Todd reported that the Successful Grade Policy was approved by College Council last year and goes into effect Spring 08. Dr. Todd said that 2 issues have come up on which she would like clarification.  As of registration for Spring 08, students who earn a “D” in any developmental course will not be permitted to register for the next sequential course or for a college-level course for which the developmental course is a pre-requisite.

At registration areas, the following handout and sign will be distributed and posted:

“Students who are currently registered for a course in the developmental sequence during Fall 07 must receive a “C” or better to proceed in the sequence during the Spring 08 semester.  Students who receive a “D” or “F” grade will be required to repeat the developmental course.”

This means, for example, that if a student earned a “D” in MAT080 in Spring 2007, did not take MAT090 in Fall 2007, but attempts to register for it in Spring 2008, that student will not be permitted to do so.  The student will need to repeat MAT080.

It is understood, however, that there are two cases in which students who earned the “D” will not have to repeat the developmental course:

  1. If the student is currently enrolled in a college-level course, for which the developmental course is a pre-requisite
  2. If the student wishes to use the developmental course (grade earned was before Fall 07) as a general elective for graduation

It is also understood that all ESL courses are considered developmental, so the policy of “D” as an unsuccessful grade applies to them, as well.

Toni Carney mentioned the problem that students have when they want to register for next semester and don’t know their grade. Fran Dice will have a flag in Datatel to remedy this.

Updated Library System

Barbara Thompson reported that as of Thursday Sept 27th, the Library automated system has been updated.  This was necessary because the system formerly used was no longer supported by the company.  The funds for this update were obtained by a grant that was written by Doris Bowers, so there was no cost to the College. The look of the system is slightly different.  Most of the changes are “behind the scenes.” After January additional features will be added that will be announced at that time.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 3:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted, 
Barbara Thompson 
College Council Secretary

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