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College Council Meeting Minutes December 13, 2007

Dec. 13, 2007
College Office Board Room





Maryann Anderson
Mary Frances Archey  
Gail Boyea          
Charles Blocksidge
Toni Carney
John Dziak
Rod Farkas
Rita Gallegos
Joanne Jeffcoat   
Maura Stevenson
Barbara Thompson
Allysen Todd
Ping'an Wang
Stephen Wells
Margaret Williams-Betlyn 

Ralph Proctor



Jane Greenwood
Cyndi Syskowski
Mike Murphy 



Maryann Anderson, College Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:31 PM. 


Steve Wells made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 29th, 2007 meeting of College Council. Toni Carney seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved as amended.

There was a discussion concerning the fact that agendas are only sent to administrators and faculty. Henceforth agendas will be sent to everyone. Barbara Thompson reported that College Council minutes currently are sent to everyone. The minutes for Research and Development and Academic Planning will appear as links on the College Council website.  The agendas for the Curriculum Committee and Academic Standards will be sent out. Joe Calig suggested using file sharing for distributing minutes. Ping'an Wang said that CMS is the current college standard process for Web publications    Joe Calig cautioned against using excessive file space on the server. 



Joanne Jeffcoat reported that Academic Planning is starting to receive some of the prioritized lists for staffing. There was a question whether the 10 positions that Dr. Murphy identified as being available included the minority interns.  Dr. Murphy responded that the minority interns were in addition to the 10 positions. There was also a question if minority interns “graduate” into full time permanent slots. Dr. Archey replied that there is the understanding that if a slot exists they can apply for it. They are not given priority status. It is possible that we would have a minority intern and not have a slot for them to apply for at the completion of their internship. Minority interns are given one full year of teaching experience.  They do not necessarily commence with the Fall semester.  

There was also a question whether Counselor positions will be considered with teaching faculty positions since Counseling is funded under Student Services rather than the Academic Division.  The answer is yes, Counselors are considered with teaching faculty because salary all comes out of the operating budget.  It has nothing to do with what Division they are in. Joanne Jeffcoat distributed the form that was approved by the Counselors at their Division meeting Dec 7th. Allysen Todd reported that she invited the Dean of Students from Allegheny to the meeting to prioritize positions and she chose not to come.

Joanne Jeffcoat further reported that the Subcommittee will meet by themselves on January 17th in executive session.  February 7th is the hearing date for positions. Hiring recommendations will be presented to Council February 14th.


Toni Carney reported that the Subcommittee held 2 hearings, only 1 of which passed the Subcommittee.

Proposal: Revision of Placement Re-testing Policy

Allysen Todd, in presenting the proposal, reminded Council that the proposal has nothing to do with our placement testing, the cut off scores, or who does the testing. It only establishes the ability of a student to request to be retested. Currently students can only take the placement test twice. This will allow students to exit a course which they are not accurately registered for.

The proposed policy will allow students to be retested after having taken the placement test 4 years earlier. Four years was suggested because academic forgiveness is allowed after 4 years. If the student tests into the same course after being retested, no further tests will be permitted. In DVS, after a student is placed into a course, if the student feels that he/she has been misplaced and the course is too easy, the student can request to be retested immediately.

Gail Boyea made a motion to accept the proposal. Rita Gallegos seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


Proposal: Changes to Early Childhood Director Core Certificate

Cyndi Syskowski presented the proposal and explained that this is a Program that we have been offering for about 2 years.  The Certificate Program is accepted by the State. It is a 9 credit 3 course program that emphasizes professionalism and leadership. Students in the program must already have an Associates Degree or better. It provides an opportunity for people who are working in the field to move along the career ladder and apply to the State for a certificate.

The changes to the Certificate Program are necessary for the Program to comply with State mandates. The existing courses were submitted to the State and the State identified only 4 courses that they would validate. Receiving the certificate will allow a student to become a director of a child development center, infant toddler program, or any program from birth to age 6. Students are granted a diploma from us and then make an application to the State to receive a certificate. It is a high priority program.

Toni Carney made a motion to accept the proposal and Peggy Williams-Betlyn seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

The second proposal presented to the Curriculum Subcommittee was tabled.

Certificate vs. Diploma Clarification

There is a question concerning what the distinction is between a certificate and a diploma. Generally speaking anything below 15 credits is a diploma. Above 15 credits is a certificate. However in some disciplines one term is more favorable than another. It is sometimes program or discipline specific. It would be convenient to have a standard, but not at the expense of a discipline.

Maura Stevenson and Mary Frances Archey will work with Fran Dice to do a content analysis.

Maura Stevenson distributed a tracking sheet to show the status of Curriculum proposals. It was suggested that all Subcommittees prepare a similar tracking sheet which could be given to Maryann Anderson for the purposes of an annual report.  This would present in one document the significant policy and procedural issues discussed at College Council


Rod Farkas reported that Kevin Smay and James Roberson will provide an outline and plan for data collection concerning placement testing. This is in reference to an Achieving the Dream request to the Research and Development Subcommittee.

At the last meeting Ross Donahue outlined the financial ramifications of the peer review of faculty in order to develop a form and pay reviewers.


There was no unfinished business.


There was no new business. 

Joe Calig made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Steve Wells seconded the motion. There being no further business, the meeting ended at 3:56 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary

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