Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Crime Reporting/Victim's Rights

The safety and security of the college community is a foremost concern of CCAC, this includes all students, faculty, staff and visitors. CCAC makes it incumbent on its faculty and staff (refer to the faculty and staff handbooks) to report all incidents or potential incidents of crime and / or violence to Security and / or to the Administration. Students and visitors are also encouraged to report such incidents in a timely manner.

If the situation dictates, members of the college community or visitors are also encouraged to call 9-1-1 from personal communicators to enhance response time to a critical situation. Once 9-1-1 is notified it is requested that campus Security or Administration is also made aware of the situation.

CCAC has a zero tolerance policy toward violence on campus (students and visitors), violence in the workplace (faculty and staff) and discrimination of any kind. All such incidents or potential for such incidents should be reported to Security or the Administration. The college strongly feels that victims or potential victims have a right to have reported incidents or potential incidents thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken.

Protection From Abuse/Restraining Orders

All individuals who have obtained a PFA or Restraining Order and feel it’s appropriate should provide Security with a copy of the document which will be maintained in confidence at the Security Office. These copies are destroyed when the time limit expires or the individual requests the document be returned.

Sexual Harassment/Sexual Abuse or Assault / Discrimination

 CCAC addresses each of these topics in a variety of ways. Specific information and guidelines on reporting and / or counseling with respect to these topics is available in the Student Handbook, Employees Handbook and the College’s Rules and Guidelines. Additional information and assistance is available at the Office of the Dean of Student Development, the Business Office, Student Life and Supportive Services 

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