Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Parking / Parking Permits

Parking regulations are college-wide but vary from campus to campus. A complete set of the applicable regulations are available at the campus Security Office.

The parking regulations are for everyone, student, visitor and staff alike. The regulations could not be more simple. Park where designated. Do not park where prohibited or otherwise regulated such as in Handicap spaces or other specifically designated spots unless you are permitted to do so and have the proper college placard displayed in your vehicle. Each lot has been designed for maximum efficiency. When a car is beyond a designated space or on an end-cap it is most likely infringing on a thruway for fire or emergency vehicles or buses.

Parking infractions can result in warnings or fines. Fines are set at $5.00 for most infractions and $25.00 for Handicap violations. They are only payable at Student Accounts and the fines double if not paid within seven (7) days. Fines may also be mailed to the office of Student Accounts. Please include the citation with the fine. Do Not Send Cash.

An appeal system is in place. Please do not argue citations with Security. They are powerless to rescind a citation once it is written. Appeal forms should be filed within seven (7) days at the campus Security Director's Office. The forms are available at at the Main Security Office and at Student Accounts. The citation should be attached to the appeal. Appeals are heard by the campus Security Director or a designee. The result of the appeal is final.

Failure to pay or appeal a citation not only doubles the fine but a hold is placed on a student’s file. This hold must be satisfied before grades or transcripts are released or the student registers for an upcoming semester. In the case of staff infractions that are not paid or appealed additional sanctions will apply.

Periodically, for some infractions, local law enforcement may issue a parking citation. If you receive a citation from local law enforcement you must follow the procedures as outlined on the state citation. These citations cannot be adjudicated at the Security Office but must be processed through the magisterial district in which the infraction occurred. State citations are considerably more expensive.

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