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Community College of Allegheny County

College Council Meeting Minutes October 9, 2008

Oct. 9, 2008
College Office Board Room





Maryann Anderson
Mary Frances Archey 
Gail Boyea          
Joyce Breckenridge
Yvonne Burns
Toni Carney
John Dziak
Rita Gallegos
Carl Francolino
Joanne Jeffcoat
Maura Stevenson
Barbara Thompson
Ping Wang
Stephen Wells 

Richard Allison
Donna Imhoff
Charles Martoni

Deborah Conway
Debra McCluskey
Tanya Sander-Marks    

Maryann Anderson, College Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM. 


Steve Wells made a motion to approve the minutes of the Sept. 11th, 2008 meeting of College Council. Ping Wang seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved as written. Barbara Thompson thanked Gail Boyea for her work taking minutes during her absence.   



Toni Carney reported that the Subcommittee met Sept. 18th. No proposals were submitted and none are on the horizon. There is a full compliment of members with 6 faculty members and 4 administrators. At their first meeting, Mrs. Carney introduced those members who are new to the Subcommittee and reviewed procedures.

Mrs. Carney expressed concern over 2 policies that are causing confusion and are being applied differently from campus to campus.  The first involves the handling of “D” and “F” grades and the ability to retake the courses. Only “D” and “F” courses can be repeated so that students are not taking “C” and “B” grade courses repeatedly until the student receives the grade desired. The exception to this is courses taken more than 10 years ago that are needed for specific programs. This exception was meant mainly for the Nursing Program but is incorrectly being applied elsewhere. It was suggested that we need a list of the accepted exceptions from Fran Dice.

The other policy causing confusion involves students from another universities registering for classes with prerequisites. If a student has a letter from an advisor from their home university then they can skip the prerequisite and take the course.  This proposal failed at Council because it was felt to be harsher to our own students than to those from the outside. However, this is allowed at some campuses.

It was suggested that Dr. Archey inform Registration staff of the clarifications as well as the Deans to bring this up at the Department Head meetings.


Program Review: Social Work Program

Joanne Jeffcoat introduced the Program Review of the Social Work Program and said that everything was in order. The Program Review was then presented by Deborah Conway.

Mrs. Conway reported that the Social Work Program is one of the smallest of CCAC’s programs. Within the Program, the College offers an Associates Degree as well as a Certificate. There is 1 faculty member at Allegheny and Mrs. Conway who is a faculty member at South Campus devotes ½ of her time to the Program. Social Work is now also offered at Boyce Campus.

Mrs. Conway said that the Program attracts a unique population. Many of them have been in the system on the receiving end of social services and now want to help others. Some graduates go on to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh and Carlow, among other institutions. The number of transfer students is not tracked but it is in the neighborhood of 1/3 of the students. Several students are in a Master’s Program. The Social Work Technician Program is the best for transferring students.

Associate degree students often get jobs from where they have done their practicum, such as nursing homes, mental health and mental retardation agencies, etc. Assessment results show the students have done well.

Three courses need to be eliminated because of low enrollment. These include SOW 105, Basic Concepts of Mental Retardation; SOW 107, Mental Health/Mental Retardation Perspectives/Programs; and SOW 111, Home/Health Management.

Toni Carney made a motion to accept the Program Review. Rita Gallegos seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


Ping Wang reported that the Subcommittee met for their second meeting of the semester on Oct. 2nd. At the meeting, Mary Kay Quinlan introduced assessment in general.

Distance Learning is being reviewed for last year. The Subcommittee has changed the format and is focusing on achievements and recommendations.  Mr. Wang should have the final version at the next meeting of Council.


Proposal: Adding of CHM objectives to CHM program description (035) to comply with College Policy and editing lab hours for CHM 151 and CHM 152 course syllabi

Maura Stevenson reported that the proposal was heard at Curriculum. The lab hours for CHM 151 and 152 were incorrect. In this proposal, the hours have been changed to clock hours for the purpose of clarity.

Mary Frances Archey who presented the proposal pointed out that objectives were added for CHM 035.

Toni Carney said that there are courses within the math/science disciplines that are listed as requirements for the program that rarely run. This makes it difficult, if not impossible to graduate a student from all of the campuses listed for that major in the catalog. She gave the following examples:

MAT 250 (Calculus 3) has been running at Allegheny and Boyce (not so frequently).  The course has been on the books periodically at South Campus but has not actually had enough students to run since before 2000.

PHY 223 (Physics for Science and Engineering 3) has not run at Boyce since FS02 with 4 students enrolled, has not run at South since before 2000, and runs at Allegheny only during the first summer sessions with FS08 being cancelled and FS07 being run with 6 students.

Dr. Archey said that next year we will start reviewing courses and removing those that never run.

Toni Carney suggested that those programs listed as “Transfer Programs” attach a reminder for students to consult with their intended transfer institution to avoid taking non-transferable courses. Dr Archey asked that Academic Standards and Student Affairs draft a statement for the catalog regarding transfer programs.

Gail Boyea made a motion to accept the proposal. Barbara Thompson seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


Interactive Curriculum Forms

Maryann Anderson distributed packets of the 4 forms that were previously approved as well as the 6 forms still under discussion. Maura Stevenson reiterated that the forms are meant to be completed online. Initiators will type the information into the dark boxes on the forms. The abstract section will expand automatically as space is needed.

On Form B-2-A, Maryann Anderson suggested that “(Career/Act 46 Program)” be added under “New Program Form,” and that a comma be added to #1.

Debra McCluskey will add the forms to the website. Rick Allison will send all 10 forms to Debra McCluskey who will add them to the College Council website. It will take Mrs. McCluskey approximately a week to add them after she has received them.  Once the forms are online, Mrs. McCluskey will inform Barbara Thompson who will inform Council members.

Maura Stevenson made a motion to accept the 6 forms with the revision to Form B-2-A. Toni Carney seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

It was agreed that Barbara Thompson will make any changes to the forms as directed by Council and that Barbara Thompson and Maryann Anderson will both have access to the forms.

Council offered a huge thanks to Rick Allison for all of his work on these forms.


Electronic Submissions of CC Approved Proposals

Proposals that are recommended by Council and approved by the President go to Fran Dice’s office where they have been retyped in order to be put on the website and into the catalog. To ensure that proposals are entered as approved, Maryann Anderson must receive an electronic final version as well as the printed final version of all proposals. She will not submit the printed version to the President for approval before she has received the final proposal in both formats. 

An Initiator can scan an entire proposal as a pdf file which is ideal for Council members because the proposal contains page numbers. Katherine Kersten has done this and is cross training other secretaries. In order to make changes to a pdf file, the Initiator needs Adobe Acrobat Writer which costs about $400. However, the electronic version that is sent to Maryann Anderson must be a Word document.   

Appendix A

Mary Frances Archey distributed Appendix A which lists the Program Review schedule for 2008-2009 thru 2012-2013. This document is updated each October.

Maryann Anderson will send this to Debra McCluskey to post on the website in the Academic Planning section.

The next meeting of Council will be Oct. 23rd.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary