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College Council Meeting Minutes October 23, 2008

October 23, 2008
College Office Board Room





Richard Allison
Maryann Anderson    
Gail Boyea  
Yvonne Burns
Toni Carney
Rita Gallegos
Carl Francolino
Donna Imhoff
Joanne Jeffcoat 
Charles Martoni 
Maura Stevenson
Barbara Thompson
Ping Wang
Stephen Wells 

Mary Frances Archey    
Joyce Breckenridge
John Dziak

Ross Donahue
Debra McCluskey
Gretchen Mullin
Bonita Richardson

Maryann Anderson, College Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:32 PM. 


Gail Boyea made a motion to approve the minutes of the Oct. 9th, 2008 meeting of College Council.  Ping Wang seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved as amended.



Steve Wells reported on the October 16th meeting of Academic Planning. The Subcommittee briefly discussed the academic calendar for Spring and Fall 2011 which will be sent out to the college community for review. All comments are due to Academic Planning for their hearing November 6th. The calendar will be presented to Council on November 13th.

The process for recommendations for new hires will be starting soon. Hiring information will be given to the Deans on Nov 3rd and to Department. Heads on Nov. 10th.

Joanne Jeffcoat reported that there is one program review which will be coming to the Subcommittee soon.

Mr. Wells discussed the problem of Appendix H in the Program Review document and the enormous task of compiling all of the information for the General Education goals for each of the courses. With 26 learning behaviors attached to each of the learning outcomes, there are many Program Reviews which will include hundreds of pages. As an example, Psychology is preparing their Program Review now and they will have more than 200 pages just in Appendix H. There is a question whether the information being gathered is sufficiently valuable to invest that much time. Mary Kate Quinlan will talk to the Subcommittee about this problem.

Mary Frances Archey will be convening a group to study the problem. It was suggested that a sampling of courses could be included in Appendix H rather than every course. All information gathered must be keyed into Trac Dat as well which will compound the work.

Joanne Jeffcoat expressed concern that the committee review process that Dr. Archey will be convening might take so long that faculty were going through this lengthy process unnecessarily. She hoped that at the very least, the number of courses could be limited rather quickly.

Gretchen Mullin, as a member of the Subcommittee, is working on a template for Program Review


Distance Learning Annual Review Report for 2007-2008

Ping Wang reported that the Subcommittee approved the Distance Learning Annual Review Report for 2007-2008 and that Ross Donahue was in attendance to present it to Council.

Mr. Donahue explained that the report is a review of accomplishments and recommendations. The accomplishments include: enrollment increased by 13%; professional events for faculty were facilitated by staff; 80% of courses were taught by full-time faculty; staff supported over 10,000 student and faculty requests; staff processed more than 8,000 tests at distance learning testing centers; student success rate equals non-distance learning success; and staff accomplished a successful upgrade of Blackboard.

The recommendations included more support hours for students and faculty; more technical support for faculty; online student surveys, dedicated secure test proctoring; student evaluations online, and an increase in Blackboard reliability.

The lack of a backup server for Blackboard is a priority.  If the server would go down, the distance learning classes could not run. Further, the success rate for distance learning and traditional students is about the same. This may be explained by the fact that faculty are more skilled at offering distance learning courses and advisors and registration staff are better able to explain distance learning courses to students. 

Mr. Donahue was asked what percentage of students who are distance learning students are also traditional campus students. Mr. Donahue said that percentage exists but is not in the report. He will report it to the Subcommittee and Mr. Wang will report back to Council.

Mr. Wang reported that the Subcommittee will hold a hearing on expanding Distance Learning support at their next meeting. Maryann Anderson said that the recommendation should be forwarded to Mary Frances Archey to whom the department reports with no need to go through College Council.

Carl Francolino said that one of the problems is a lack of a distance learning strategic plan. If there were, there would be a mechanism for forwarding recommendations such as this one.

Rita Gallegos made a motion to accept the Distance Learning Annual Review Report. Joanne Jeffcoat seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.  


Proposal: Changes to Ironworker Apprenticeship (289) Program

Maura Stevenson explained that Gretchen Mullin and Judy Savolskis as well as Jim Gallik who is a representative from the Apprenticeship Program presented the proposal to the Subcommittee. The Subcommittee approved the proposal after the requested changes were made. These changes in the description and outcomes included using numerals rather than spelling out numbers, dropping the capitalization of certain words, and removing a hyphen.

Gretchen Mullin presented the proposal for the Ironworker Apprenticeship Program.

The Program was a 4 year Program and by providing a more intensive format, the apprentices would be better served by having a 3 year Program. Most courses are 1 credit courses and the proposal represents true sequential learning. The proposal would give a true count of how classes are offered and how they are taught.

Steve Wells pointed out the following omissions:

p. 18 blueprint reading is in the description but not in the topics.

p. 28 blueprint reading is not in the description but is in the topics.

p. 24 the description mentions OSHA safety standard training but the word “safety” should be added to the Learning Outcomes.

p. 84 carbon arch-gouging should not have a hyphen

p. 20 italicize the title of the book Survival of the Fittest

Rick Allison noted that many of the course titles are too general. An example on p. 5 is the course STI 120 Ornamental.  “Ornamental” could refer to a landscaping or an art course. Council agreed that the following changes should be made to course titles:

STI 120 Ornamental Ironworking 1.1

STI 121 Ornamental Ironworking 1.2

STI 124 Ironworker Safety Union 1.1

STI 125 Ironworker Safety 1.2

STI 115 Ironworker Rigging 1

STI 116 Ironworker Reinforcing 1.1

STI 117 Ironworker Reinforcing 1.2

STI 220 Ironworker Rigging 2

STI 223 Ironworker Safety Union Agreement 2.1

STI 224 Ironworker Reinforcing 2 Unbonded Post-Tensioning

STI 301 Ironworking Ornamental 3.1

STI 302 Ironworking Ornamental 3.2

STI 303 Ironworker Safety 3.1

STI 308 Ironworker Rigging 3

STI 309 Ironworker Reinforcing 3.1

STI 310 Ironworker Reinforcing 3.2

STI 311 Ironworker Foreman Training Supervision

When asked, Dr. Mullin explained that students must apply for this Program through the union. It is a closed system.

Gail Boyea made a motion to accept the proposal if the changes requested by Council are made. Steve Wells seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously. Maryann Anderson reminded the Initiators that she needs the corrected paper copy with original signatures as well as an electronic copy.


Toni Carney reported that the Subcommittee did not meet due to a lack of proposals.


Maryann Anderson reported that the new interactive proposal forms are ready for Debra McCluskey to post on the College Council website.


President’s Council

Maryann Anderson reported that President’s Council met on October 20th. Members of President’s Council discussed the process of Program Review and utilizing Appendix H. Council members gave short reports on their activities.

Maryann Anderson reminded College Council members that she is happy to take our issues to President’s Council.

Toni Carney moved to adjourn the meeting. Carl Francolino seconded the motion.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 3:59 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary

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