Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Early Intervention System Resources for Faculty

CCAC’s Online Early Intervention is a web based system that allows faculty members to refer struggling students for assistance via a secure website. The Student Support Staff members who receive these referrals attempt to contact the students in order to connect them to college resources.

 How do I make a referral?

The Online Early Intervention System is part of CCAC’s Central’s e-Services, which is accessible from most CCAC web pages. The system uses the same user interface that you currently use to submit grades or attendance. 

What happens to my referrals?

Faculty web referrals are stored the College’s master student database. Various student support staff members will retrieve the referrals from the system and attempt to contact the students to discuss and resolve their academic issues by connecting those students to existing College resources such as tutoring, financial aid, career services, counseling, etc. The student support staff will then provide the faculty with electronic feedback regarding the status of the referred students.

When should I make a referral?

Early Intervention is best done as soon as a potential problem is recognized. By identifying struggling and potentially struggling students as early in the term as possible, there are simply more options to address student problems.

For a 15-week term, Early Intervention should be completed no later than the fifth week of the term. For a 13-week term, Early Intervention should be completed no later than the fourth week of the term. For classes meeting for short time periods it is recommend that referral come after no more than two class sessions.

 Who will handle my student referrals?

Students will receive services from staff where the referring class occurs.  Students will also be subdivided into groups based on factors such as major. The majority of student referrals will be handled by Supportive Services, College Counselors and Perkins Grant staff members. Other smaller student services groups, such as KEYS and Pittsburgh Promise will also provider Early Intervention to students.

Feedback to faculty is essential

All staff, no matter which group they belong to, will provide you with feedback regarding the students you have referred for Early Intervention.

For technical support with using the CCAC Central e-Services to make an Early Intervention referral, please contact the CCAC ServiceDesk at 412.237.8700.